Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 3rd April 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Sai shows her face and says she is Sai and not Durga. Satya inquires as to why she came to spread him subsequent to winning the case and is beating masala here. Sai says she didn’t come to margarine him or pound masala and he ought to quit kidding. He asks her justification behind coming. Sai says she came to return his telephone and makes sense of how she tracked down his telephone. Satya inquires as to whether she came here to return his telephone. Sai says she likewise needs to converse with him. On the opposite side, Virat lets Bhavani know that he will address Pakhi and, surprisingly, recruited a legal counselor to begin separate from procedures, yet its a relationship which can’t be broken effectively and he wants time for that. Bhavani says she took numerous difficult choices for the family, he would be becoming top of the family after her and subsequently needs to figure out how to take difficult choices for the family’s advantage and fail to remember a couple of connections; he needs to comprehend her words as he needs to take difficult choices later on and can’t get feeble, she and Nagesh difficult choices in the past when marriage. Virat says he figures out her words, however he can’t make’s someone extremely upset and subsequently needs some time; its his issue and allowed him to deal with it. Bhavani says its a family issue and thus older folks need to meddle, in any case she can’t meddle in his other issue and he needs to deal with it himself. Virat asks which one.

Sai inquires as to whether something happened that he left emergency clinic out of nowhere, Dr Survase told he became sick and disappeared from OPD. Satya reviews Gayatri’s passing and says he was truly feeling sick and thus disappeared. Sai in a wonderful manner inquires as to whether he is concealing something behind his grin. Satya answers to disregard his aggravation and continue to grin. Sai sees wrap over his hand and asks when did he harm himself, he was fine when he left emergency clinic. Satya sees his entire family peeping into the room and lets Sai know that she is so stressed for him that she got an instinct that he is harmed and came here in lieu of returning his portable, then inquires as to whether they needed to hear this. He requests that Sai leave before his family fires concocting stories. Family says they won’t let Sai go and takes her inside.

Bhavani inquires as to whether he informed Sai that he needs to go through his time on earth with her. Virat says not yet. Bhavani asks what is he hanging tight for, he shouldn’t defer and illuminate Sai soon or, more than likely it would be past the point of no return, he ought to advise Sai that he needs to have a cheerful existence with her and their kids. She says as a lady she knows whether a lady loves somebody gigantically and finds a risk on her adoration, she will go to any degree to safeguard it and might obliterate everything; she knows one such lady who obliterated her and everybody’s life around her for her affection. Satya’s family serves snacks to Sai and demands her to have it. Maddy says Satya set it up. Satya jokes. Maddy says Satya knows cooking, sewing, craftsmanship, and so forth. Satya begins singing and says he will show her every one of his abilities to her. Sai snickers.

An office kid conveys an envelope to Vinu and requests that he give it to Virat Chavan. Savi says let us check whether it has a riddle and settle it. Vinu opens envelope. Virat gets a call from his legal counselor that his office kid gave over papers to some kid. He blows up on attorney for his carlessness and says he would have come to get legal documents and surges down. Vinu is going to get papers from envelope when Pakhi stops him and says baba will lash out assuming these are a few significant papers. Virat surges down. Pakhi hands him over papers. Virat drops papers in anxiety and stands strained when papers escape envelope. Pakhi inquires as to for what reason is he in a rush.

Satya inquires as to whether they need to share his more gifts and requests that Sai take snacks with her and offer it with Vinu. Amba asks who is Vinu. Satya says he is Sai’s child. Family sits stunned hearing that. Satya packs snacks and masalas and requests that Sai leave now, they will talk in emergency clinic tomorrow. Sai leaves. Grandmother inquires as to whether Sai has a child. Amba says Satya is kidding as there is no mangalsutra in Sai’s neck. Grandmother supplicates god to join Satya and Sai. Virat picks papers and says he was recently stressed that Vinu and Savi will indulge private papers. Pakhi stands confounded seeing his nervousness.

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