Anupama 5th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Babu ji requests that Kavya say. Vanraj says we will talk later, yet first request food from outside. He says Dimpy used to arrange Chinese food from some place. Babu ji stops him and says Kavya needs to say something. Kavya reviews her minutes with everybody and lets them know that she can’t remain here any longer. Babu ji inquires as to whether we have done any error. Baa asks your meaning could be a little more obvious. Kavya says she was remaining here, thinking the family and house as hers and Vanraj has excused her and will acknowledge this child. She says I would have rather not avoided the house. Baa says we never thought you as an outcast. babu ji tells that it is her home and family. Kavya says I have connection with this house as a result of somebody, who simply don’t have any desire to converse with me. She tells that Vanraj overlooks her and don’t converse with her. She tells about his unconcerned way of behaving. She says she gets confident day to day and it bites the dust day to day. Baa asks Vanraj what Kavya is talking about.

Anupama asks so you are Nidhi. Nidhi says Romil had left his coat the previous evening so she brought it. Anupama tells that she will send something for them. Nidhi says you are truly sweet and I like you, and says he generally discusses you. Anupama says Romil didn’t educate us regarding you. Romil says she is additionally accompanying me to Boston. Nidhi says she got confirmation in Boston as well. Anupama says I will bring something for you, and is going to close the entryway, when Romil requests that she let it open. Anupama says I trust my child and goes shutting the entryway. She says it is great that Romil will accompany his companion. She thinks when she personally will go to America.

Kavya tells that when spouse isn’t mine, then how could sasural be mine. Vanraj inquires as to why she is doing show. Kavya tells that she believes him should deal with her. Vanraj says I had dealt with you, even after anything that you had done, and let you stay here. He says I have attempted to cause myself to comprehend that God gave me one more child as Samar is gone, however I can’t acknowledge him and can’t give my name to him. He asks her not to have any expectations from him. Kavya tells that she will leave. Vanraj requests that she leave.

Anupama remembers to make socks for Dimpy and Kavya’s children. All at once Kavya comes there and embraces Anupama. Babuji asks Vanraj for what reason did he let Kavya go? Vanraj says I let her visit here because of her condition, yet the child isn’t mine. Babu ji says it is your karma, you ought to have halted her. Vanraj says I can’t do what she needed. Babu ji inquires as to for what reason did you purchase such an expensive watch for myself and requests that he bring it back. Vanraj says babu ji has pardoned once more. Baa says however I didn’t and tells that he has done a mix-up.

Anupama requests that Kavya hydrate. Kavya hydrates and says in the event that Vanraj says exactly the same thing to my youngster. She says he believes should do everything alone and tells that he took Dimpy to medical clinic and disregarded her (Kavya). Anupama tells that Vanraj is in culpability as he could do nothing for Samar. She tells that he used to deal with all house alone, and asks out of nowhere he was unable to be with the family when they need him. Kavya inquires as to whether he did right with me. Anupama says alright. She requests that she rethink her choice and determine how she can help her. Kavya requests that she scan house for herself and says she will make do with her internet based consultancy cash. All of a sudden Choti comes there and says somebody is calling you.

Pakhi is making the proposition. Adhik asks what’s going on here? Pakhi says she is making proposition for Anuj to get financing from him. Adhik gives rude awakening to her, and she asks him not to put her down. She says she is more equipped than him and that is the reason Mate gave me Talwar’s undertaking. Adhik says Mummy had taken care of it and you was a student. He wishes that he discredits and she demonstrates right. Pakhi says she will be best Mother and best money manager.

A couple grumbles to Anupama about Choti. The woman says your girl menaces our little girl a great deal, and shows the visit to Anupama, and says they call her effervescent, tubby and teddy bear. She says our girl halted to go to class. The woman says on the off chance that your little girl had gotten it done. Malti Devi says we could not have possibly come to your home. She contends with them guarding Choti. Anupama asks them not to contend infront of the kids and requests that the young lady Riya say. Riya tells that in the web-based classes, Anu’s companions bother her and even Anu bother her occasionally and called her teddy bear. Anu goes to the room crying. Anupama says she will converse with Choti now and in the event that they have misconception they will clear it and in the event that it is a slip-up, will settle it. She gives chocolate to Riya. Riya and her folks leave. Malti Devi lets Anupama know that she would have safeguarded Anu. Anupama tells that she had perused the visit and tells that no one requirements to tell her, how she will converse with her little girl

Precap: Anupama requests that Choti apologize to Riya. Choti rejects and lets Anupama know that she expresses nothing to Pakhi, yet chastened her as she is embraced little girl. Anupama and Anuj are stunned.

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