Anupama 5th March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

In the present episode, Leela asks Kavya what did just Maya said. Maya says Anirudh maintain that Kavya should be a major part of his life once more. Leela asks Kavya what Maya is talking about. Maya shares with Kavya that she would rather not hurt her however need to demonstrate concealing the fact of the matter is now and again situational. She adds Kavya conceal reality with the goal that Vanraj don’t get injured. Maya inquires as to whether she don’t believe that Anupama should return Vanraj’s life. She inquires as to whether he don’t need Anupama in his life. She adds concealing reality from Anupama was arranged with the goal that last option don’t get injured. Maya says uneven love was from her side hence none ought to scrutinize Anuj’s personality.

Maya shares with Anupama and others they ought to just stand up to her. Leela says why they ought to accept what Maya is talking about. She blames Maya, Anuj getting a charge out of at excursion. Anupama stands firm for Anuj. She cautions Leela over scrutinizing Anuj’s personality. Anupama says the matter has a place with Kapadias and she will settle. She requests that Leela deal with her home. Anupama chooses to leave. Hasmuk gives his approval to Anupama. He requests that Anupama take choice maturely. Anupama takes Hasmuk’s approval.

Vanraj go up against Kavya. He inquires as to whether she met Anirudh to design future. Kavya tells Vanraj that he can think anything he desires. She adds she conceal Anriudh’s reality since he isn’t significant for her. Vanraj expresses gratitude toward Kavya for drawing out Anuj’s genuine character before everybody. Pakhi, Adhik, Samar, Dimple, Kinjal examine about Anuj, Anupama and Maya. Pakhi believes Anupama should toss Maya out from the house. Dimple support Maya. She says love simply occur. Dimple and Pakhi quarrels about Maya and Anupama.

Anupama and Anuj review the occasion. Anupama sit paralyzed. Vanraj shares with Kavya that Anupama found out about Anuj’s actual face before her. He says Anuj was labeled as incredible human yet today everybody deception burst. Vanraj shares with Kavya that in light of her over keenness Anuj, Anupama’s marriage will be at serious risk. Kavya believe whenever wrecked Anuj, Anupama’s life.

Pakhi requests that Dimple go assuming she is with Maya. Samar support Dimple. Pakhi inquires as to whether he changed his side from Anupama to Maya due to Dimple. Samar and Pakhi contends with one another. Leela asks Samar, Pakhi why they are contending. Kinjal requests that Leela unwind as she is dealing with. Leela requests that Kinjal take care so pariah doesn’t bring battle among kin and insults Dimple.

Anupama go up against Anuj over concealing reality from her. Anuj makes sense of he didn’t had any desire to hurt her subsequently was mum. Anupama and Anuj embrace one another.

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