Teri Meri Dooriyan 5th March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

Angad illuminates his folks that he has chosen to wed Sahiba. Inder expresses investigating his eyes, it appears as though he won’t alter his perspective; he can’t see his child’s destroyal and will go from here. He salutes Daarji for annihilating his child’s life quite a while back with his off-base choice and today obliterating his grandson’s life. Manveer requests that Angad fail to remember whatever occurred, return home and take a choice with a quiet brain. Angad says he has previously chosen to wed Sahiba. Bebe asks Darji what is his aim. Angad ays currently a great deal of time is squandered, lets not burn through additional time. He picks his took and requests that Ajith begin wedding customs.

Sahiba won’t wed Angad. Angad says every one of the issues here are made by at this very moment she would rather not wed him. Sahiba says she can’t commit further error to address one mix-up. Sukhi taiji approaches her. Sahiba says she needs to zero in on her profession and grow up. Sukhi says its not just about her, she ought to consider even Keerat no one will wed her after the present occurrence. Sahiba gets unyielding. Ajith demands her to wed for the good of their loved ones. Sahiba says she will bite the dust in suffocation assuming that she weds Angad and gets some information about the craftsmanship he educated her. Ajith says its a conceived craftsman and her specialty will keep her alive. Sahiba stands quiet. Daarji inquires as to whether his girl is prepared for marriage. Ajith says OK. Daarji inquires as to whether she is prepared. She says OK. Daarji favors her and illuminates family that Sahiba is prepared for marriage.

Bebe says its not right. Daarji cautions that no one will talk now and will go to Angad and Sahiba’s laavan. Angad and Sahiba perform pheras and complete their wedding. Sequential’s title track plays behind the scenes. Angad envisions wedding Seerat. Minister compliments everybody for the wedding. Sahiba’s bidyai begins. Sukhi talks genuinely and asks sahiba to pick puffed rice and toss behind her. Sahiba does. Sukhi requests that Angad help Sahiba. Angad irately stands to the side. Sahiba embraces Keerat genuinely and requests to deal with herself. Ajith then, at that point, give her moral gyaan and plays out her bidaayi.