Pandya Store 5th March 2024 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Natasha and Isha grinning as they track down the Headband yet Isha is frustrated when Natasha gets the Crown first. Isha requests that Natasha give the Headdress to her as she has forfeited a great deal for this. She says assuming that she wins this, she can demonstrate to her loved ones. Isha cries and asks Natasha to give it to her. All the relatives watch it live on screen as Natasha cheerfully gives the Crown to Isha. Natasha embraces Isha and the last option calls her the best. Isha cries of satisfaction that she has at long last won. Chiku grins moving all the property on his name.

Isha comes in front of an audience saying that she won and considers herself Somnath’s lovely lady. Shalini Dave comes to stage and says that real victor is Natasha as they have all seen what has occurred. So as per rules , she declares Natasha Pandya as the champ. Shalini puts the Crown on Natasha’s head. Makwana bahus get glad for Natasha’s success. Isha is demoralized as she sees prize and prize being given to Natasha. Shalini says that Natasha has prevailed upon everybody. She calls her a motivation in the male overwhelmed society.

Suman lets Natasha know that she is glad for her. Amba has a miserable outlook on Isha losing due to Natasha. Chiku gets in front of an audience and takes the Mike. He salutes Natasha for her triumph and advises that he has a declaration to make. Chiku tells that from here onward proprietor of Makwana house and company is Yasodhan Pandya which leaves everybody stunned. Makwanas are left staggered while Bhavin considers what’s going on as he anticipated that Chiku should accept his name as the new proprietor. Chiku says that Amrish has moved everything to him. Natasha saw property papers and examining Chiku concerning his association with it and how he lied about doing it to assist Bhavin with saving Amrish.

Chiku says that hereon Makwana gathering will be called Pandya bunch and as a proof shows the property papers as well. Dhawal goes close to him to really look at the papers. Natasha is standing stunned on the stage and actually takes a look at her dress to find the property gone. Dhawal questions Natasha what is this. Natasha says she is additionally totally of when this occurred as she had heard exclusively of property being moved to Bhavin.

Chiku says that they have just a single day to clear the house.. Amba cries and questions Amrish if every one of the long stretches of his hardwork is gone. Amrish says that this untruth and has no verification it. He says Makwana gathering of ventures and house will remain theirs just and Chiku’s words are unimportant. Bhavin questions Chiku that he should get everything on his name then how could he in the middle between. The episode closes with Amrish addressing Bhavin in the event that he is with Chiku in this arrangement.

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