Anupama 6th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Baa tells Babu ji that her heart was fretful because of this and she realizes that something will occur. Dimpy asks her not to stress and says you will get unwell. Baa says I will kick the bucket and my eyes will be shut. She says demise is preferable rather over seeing this. Anupama asks Choti for what reason she doesn’t sit with Riya on a similar seat and why she ridicules her, as she is her closest companion. She requests that she say and says Mummy is asking you. Malti Devi comes there and asks Anupama, for what reason is she chastening Choti. Anupama says I understand what you are attempting to do. Choti embraces Malti Devi. Anupama requests that she respond to her. Choti says I sat idle. Anupama requests that she tell and let Malti Devi to converse with her girl. Choti says I told, and inquires as to whether she don’t have the foggiest idea. Anupama says on the off chance that you converses with me like this once more, I will slap you and says her strategies won’t work for her. She requests that she say. Malti Devi says you can’t converse with young lady like that. Anuj comes there and requests that Choti reply and says you have harassed Riya. Choti says OK, so what?

Romil and Nidhi gather the previous’ sack. Romil gets close to home as he needs to leave the family. Nidhi tells that they are confiding in us and sending us to another country. She says we will not break their trust. He says OK, on the off chance that I do botch, you will stop me. She says and you will stop me and says we will be each other’s companion and watchman there. Romil says it is an arrangement.

Anuj asks Choti who requested that she menace Riya and requests that she tell. Choti tells that Riya is educator’s manikin and tells that everybody bother her, and they requested that she bother Riya and she did likewise. Anuj says it is called peer pressure. Anupama tells that she has fouled up and ought to have remained by Riya. Choti says then they could never have turned into my companions and would have tormented me. Anupama says then you will realize who are the genuine companions. Anuj tells that she has fouled up and requests that she correct her error. Anupama requests that she say sorry. Choti declines and tells that Riya is instructor’s manikin and tells that she won’t say her sorry. Anupama requests that she say sorry. Choti says Mummy does this generally, and says she saves Pakhi di when she does botch and is chastening me similarly as I raised my voice once. She says you are admonishing me as I’m your embraced little girl and not genuine girl. She goes from that point. Anupama sits in shock and reviews Pakhi accusing her. Anuj expresses out loud whatever she said. Malti Devi faults Anupama for admonishing her. He says it is our error that we didn’t understand when she was going to online class. Anupama says I need to reprimand her. Anuj inquires as to for what reason did you come when Anupama was admonishing her? Malti Devi says I need to come, as Anupama was chastening her. Anupama says Pakhi ruined because of Mr. Shah and Baa and says she won’t allow Choti to ruin. She asks Malti Devi not to meddle sometime later.

Baa considers late happenings. Vanraj brings desserts box and tells that he found a new line of work in UK organization, and I’m setting up their organization in India. He says the proprietor is Indian and he has a child of nearly Samar’s age. Babu ji well done them. Vanraj says now I will deal with my family well.

Anuj gives tea to Anupama. Anupama asks how we veered off-track. Anuj tells that occasionally kids say that their mom or father don’t cherish them and says she probably told this and she probably won’t mean it that way. He says somebody could have showing her this, or might be our adoration is ruining her. Malti Devi asks Choti not to express sorry to Riya and says it isn’t your misstep. She asks her not to converse with Anuj and Anupama till they understand their error. She says she will continuously accompany her.

Kavya well done Vanraj and asks until she gets house, on the off chance that she can remain in Baa and Babu ji’s home. Babu ji says it is your home as well, and you don’t have to ask anybody. Kavya says thanks to him and heads inside. Vanraj says she is asking me as though I requested that she go. Babu ji says you have constrained her and asks him not to open his mouth. Vanraj eats the desserts. Baa and babu ji gets stressed.

Anupama comes to Choti’s room. Choti professes to rest. Anupama remembers to converse with her tomorrow. Choti thinks she is embraced and that is the reason she is doing this. Next morning, Choti comes to the eating table. Anuj and Anupama requests that she eat. Choti declines. Anuj says Mummy has kept things to make card for Riya after breakfast. Pakhi tells that it appears to be that Choti comprehended what I said. Ankush asks her not to say this infront of youngster. Anuj causes Choti to sit for breakfast. Anupama gives her card stuff and attempts to cause her to have food, yet Choti yells at her.

Precap: Pakhi comes to Vanraj and grumbles against Anupama. Vanraj requests that she come to his home. Pakhi goes out and telling that she is going to her own home, her Father’s home.

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