Pandya Store 6th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Natasha reviewing the way the way in which Pandya store was destroyed alongside every one of the recollections of her past.

Dhawal dozes close to her while on following day, Cart instructs dance to Chirag however he can’t proceed according to her assumption.

She lashes out with him then Chirag attempts to persuade her yet she blows up with him though Cheeku purchases a distributing vehicle sets the materials of Pandya’s store on it and starts another excursion.

Suman reviews her previous that similarly, they began their store while Shesh carries the family representation to glue it on the distributing vehicle.

Suman sees that he eliminated Natasha’s photograph so she requests that he glue her photograph additionally though Suman’s neighbor comes there.

She insults her idiom that in the event that Natasha had such a lot of warmth for the Pandya store, for what reason did she permit her parents in law to break it?

In the interim, Natasha awakens and mumbles that she needs to leave this spot if not issues will be made assuming Suman sees her there.

Suman and Cheeku come there looking for her yet they don’t find her while Suman implores god to deal with her Chutki and Cheeku become confounded about what’s going on with Natasha.

Meanwhile, Hetal goes to look for Amresh yet doesn’t find him anyplace so she calls him yet his telephone is turned off.

Then, she finds a letter from him and peruses that Amresh is going out on the grounds that he feels slighted in this house.

Then again, Dhawal follows Natasha so she pivots and goes to him while Hetal cries about why Amresh left the home.

Natasha asks Dhawal what is he doing there then he says that he can’t let her be nevertheless Natasha says that she needn’t bother with his consideration and concern now however he actually follows her.

In the interim, Hetal calls Dhawal and requests that he return home as Amresh has gone out so Dhawal returns home.

Hetal comes crying in the corridor and lets everybody know that Amresh has gone out while Amba lashes out at her for not asking him.

Chirag quiets her and asks Hetal when she met him last time then she lets him know that Amresh hasn’t met her since yesterday.

In the mean time, Dhawal arrives at home and gets some information about Amresh then Hetal shows him the letter kept in touch with him so Dhawal understands it.

He peruses that Amresh has composed that he has seen so many promising and less promising times in his day to day existence since youth and he assumed a sense of ownership with the entire family however consequently, he just got slight from his dearest sibling.

Everybody gets close to home while Dhawal peruses the letter and finally, Amresh likewise specifies that he will miss Dhawal the most.

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