Pandya Store 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Cheeku tells her that it wasn’t simply a store for him since his folks have forfeited a great deal for them though Suman reproves him for killing the live relations for the relations that don’t exist any longer.

In the interim, Amba slaps Dhawal and chastens him for breaking her home into pieces by removing Amresh from the house.

Amba says that Amresh is the principal karta of this house yet he forfeited everything for this family and he disappeared from that point.

She blasts into pieces then Bhavin attempts to reassure her however she requests that they track down Amresh at any expense.

Dhawal cries a great deal and falls on the floor saying that he needs no property as he simply needs his bhai.

In the mean time, he gets a call from the clinic that Amresh has met with a mishap so he goes there Natasha feels frail and again the torment in her kidney begins.

Then again, Suman sends Cheeku and Meethu to check where is Natasha while Natasha concludes that she won’t reside in that family any longer.

Dhawal drives the vehicle and attempts to find Amresh while Natasha is perched out and about and battling with the aggravation.

Dhawal arrives where the mishap occurred and his body begins shuddering to see Amresh’s vehicle around there.

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