Anupama 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Anuj and Anupama gazing at one another while Anu will not eat from Anupama’s hands.

Anuj says that it is fine that Anu would rather not eat yet she really wants to draw the card for Riya as she has committed an error.

Anu gazes at the vacant card while Anuj and Anupama urge her to draw a sorry card yet she winds up jotting on the card all things considered.

As Anu leaves the morning meal table, Anuj and Anupama gaze at one another in shock and hear Pakhi giggling, driving them mad.

In the mean time, Vanraj prepares for work and asks Leela and Hasmukh where Dimpy is to which they let him know that she has gone to the dance foundation.

Vanraj is dazed that Dimpy went to the dance foundation alone while Leela brings up that Kavya, vigorously pregnant, still takes a cart.

Kavya catches wind of and uncovers that Vanraj’s genuine rationale is to keep an eye on Dimpy, not out of concern, however out of doubt.

Vanraj comes clear with his aims as Kavya jabs him and says that he doesn’t believe Dimpy should do anything that carries disregard to them.

Kavya says that Vanraj doesn’t have faith in Dimpy by any stretch of the imagination and Vanraj says that Dimpy doesn’t have any idea what is really great for her consequently, he really wants to direct her on the correct way.

Everybody stands stunned on hearing Vanraj’s words while Dimpy and Titu practice dance together, talking about the issues of the institute.

Titu gets some information about the day when he said he preferred her to which Dimpy requests that he fail to remember the past as they are old buddies.

Dimpy advises Titu to orchestrate the tickets for a dance program that will happen when unexpectedly Vanraj comes there, requesting that Dimpy return home.

Stunned by Vanraj’s over the top way of behaving, Dimpy contemplates whether he has caught wind of the dance occasion and how she will figure out how to go there without anyone else.

Simultaneously, Pakhi gives her show, requesting that Anuj center around her and not contemplate Anu’s issue which irritates Anuj.

Anuj says that he is significant about business generally when Pakhi finishes her show for her store and Anuj asks Anupama how she enjoyed her girl’s show.

Anupama essentially says that the situation is rubbish and has no imagination in it which outrages Pakhi.

Pakhi answers that Anupama has said adversely so she can’t anticipate that Anuj should express yes as he is Anupama’s aberrant slave.

Anupama shouts at Pakhi to stop her foul way of behaving or probably she will remove her from the house while Adhik and Romil likewise attempt to cause Pakhi to comprehend that her thought won’t work out.

Anuj says that Pakhi has not made a legitimate show after which Pakhi comes to meet Vanraj and lets him know that nobody in the Kapadia manor really focuses on her.

Vanraj requests that Pakhi come to his home notwithstanding Leela cautioning him as he believes Pakhi should watch out for Dimpy constantly.

Pakhi goes out and Anupama asks everybody not to ask her to return as she will return in the event that she needs.

End of Anupama the present episode composed update.

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