Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Ishaan calling Savi right when she is going to proceed to converse with the specialist.

Ishaan advises Savi to come to school quickly while Savi lets him know that she is out on a significant task and can’t come.

Ishaan exhaust out of resentment on hearing an unmitigated no and takes steps to suspend her on the off chance that she neglects to show up inside 45 minutes.

Savi becomes stunned and thinks about what’s up with Ishaan and why has he returned to being his old self.

Afterward, Savi shows up at the school where Ishaan puts her down for crossing her cutoff and letting Reeva inside.

Savi stays befuddled at Ishaan’s explosion until Isha tells her that Reeva is the young lady who hurt Ishaan and abandoned him.

Savi is stunned at being utilized and chooses to apologize to Ishaan for harming him in her obliviousness.

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