Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Vidya blessing Rohit and Ruhi with the thali after which she requests that Ruhi go into the house.

Rohit murmurs a greeting to Ruhi who then again, becomes miserable about Armaan.

In any case, Ruhi moves forward and trips driving the Kalash to be flipped around.

Manisha makes a scene as no rice emerged from it and Dadisa remarks that the happenings are unpropitious.

Rohit advises everybody to quiet down while Vidya states that Ruhi’s weighty lehenga prompted the occurings.

Notwithstanding, Dadisa states that the gatbandhan came out soon too further expressing how might Ruhi handle her marriage.

Manisha requests that Dadisa do the couple’s gathbandhan with the pandit the following day however Dadisa blows up.

There, Abhira fantasizes Akshara who says thanks to her for making her cheerful and requests that she cry as it will recuperate her.

Abhira gestures a no mournfully driving her to see Akshara’s dead body after which the minister gives the light to her.

She takes the light with unstable hands making Armaan come and fix her hold after which Abhira consumes Akshara.

Abhira begins to swoon making Armaan hold her however Abhira requests that Armaan avoid her.

At the Poddar House, the women let Ruhi know that she should be alert before the sun rises.

All of a sudden, Vidya enters and gives the khandani kangan to her fulfilling the Poddar women.

Vidya puts the kangan on Ruhi’s hand and kisses it as she has been given an enormous obligation regarding the house.

Dadisa lets Ruhi know that she will be Rohit’s solidarity further expressing that when Armaan weds, his significant other will update him.

Ruhi gets frightened making Dadisa remark on Ruhi being terrified before Armaan’s significant other comes in.

She lets Dadisa know that it’s not so Dadisa requests that Ruhi be the best girl in-regulation as she needs to remain in front of any girl in-regulation.

Kajal recommends that Dadisa let Ruhi rest after which the women disappear and Manisha wishes Ruhi karma.

In the mean time, Armaan attempts to identify with Abhira however she requests that he not give her phony compassion.

Abhira cries about being separated from everyone else making Armaan express that he will assume Abhira’s liability however Abhira calls him answerable for Akshara’s demise.

Abhira requests that Armaan avoid her yet Armaan states that she wants assurance from Yuvraj making Abhira clash.

Thus, Abhira steps forward however at that point sees Yuvraj making Armaan conceal Abhira behind a tree.

During the run, Abhira drops the pot while Yuvraj requests that Abhira come up and Abhira chooses to get the pot.

Armaan requests that Abhira stay there as he will proceed to bring the debris pot, making him covertly proceed to get the pot.

He gives it to Abhira while then again, Yuvraj and his men drive away upon not tracking down Abhira.

Thereafter, Armaan demands Abhira to contemplate accompanying him and inevitably, Abhira concurs.

Abhira and Armaan then consent to an arrangement that she will work after her tests and that Armaan won’t ever attempt to be her significant other.