Imlie 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Agastyaya pouring lamp oil on his experience growing up keepsake and consuming it as Annapurna is furious as a result of it.

In the mean time, Imlie carries a floor covering to soak the fire to save Agastya’s recollections and consumes her hand simultaneously.

She gives Agastya’s mom’s image to Jugno to clean it and comes to her room.

Seeing Agastya lying troubled, Imlie lies closeby to him pondering his agony.

In the interim, Vishwa lets Navyya know that he will research Imlie’s case and go to her home to get more data.

Then again, a veiled man comes to Imlie’s home and finds an image of Imlie’s thing who is, as a matter of fact, Agastya’s mom.

Afterward, Bulbul returns home similarly as the covered man is going to leave yet can’t see him as she gets involved seeing the house wrecked.

Somewhere else, Agastya plays Piano while his family encompasses him.

Agastya understands their miserable faces and tells them to not stress as Dadai can chasten him whenever he needs.

He lets them know that they can’t invite their visitor with brooding looks and inquires as to whether Yashi is coming today.

Karan misleads them saying Yashi can’t get the train and to that end she will come tomorrow.

Govind inquires as to whether he has advised Yashi to bring her folks as they would be anxious to meet him as well.

As Chutki recommend purchasing a present for Yashi, Navya comes there with Vishwa and Rajni welcomes her to come tomorrow to meet Karan’s better half.

In the mean time, Imlie watches everything from the gallery and stops Karan to ask him how long is he wanting to lie.

She advises him to proceed to come clean with everybody while Karan advises her that Annapurna is furious with Agastya for a similar explanation.

In any case, Imlie lets him know that Annapurna isn’t unreasonably dated and she has acknowledged her destitution and she is miserable on the grounds that she feels sold out by Agastya similarly as her children have double-crossed her.

She encourages him to proceed to come clean to Karan before it is past the point of no return.

All at once Bulbul calls Imlie telling her that somebody has burgled the house as the house is a wreck when she returned.

She inquires as to whether she can come and go through the night with her while Imlie advises her that she and she are not in this family’s great books so she should accept consent.

Afterward, Agastya lets Imlie know that he realizes that she is making an intricate story to bring Bulbul here so she can trap Karan a night prior to his sweetheart shows up.

Imlie complains and lets Agastya know that in the event that he can’t allow Bulbul to come here then she will go to her.

Agastya tells her that she is faking it however will stay put yet Imlie lets him know that she has proactively gone far away from him.

Then again, Bulbul is frightened and hops at each sound and envisioning being gone after.

Meanwhile, Imlie gets Karan taking off from the house with his things and calls him a quitter.

She considers how could her sister succumb to a yellow man who can’t confront reality and she will clarify for her that such a man can never be a decent spouse.

Afterward, Bulbul is feeling significantly better to see Imlie at home while Imlie tells her that she came so they can get to know one another and talk the entire evening.

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