Yeh Hain Chahatein 7th December 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

episode begins with Aditya requesting that Kashvi leave the vehicle as he is getting late Kashvi attempts to leave the vehicle yet it quits working then she really takes a look at it.

In the interim, her hands get harmed so Arjun comes there and drains the blood emerging from her hand and his associates click their photograph.

Kashvi clears blood off of Arjun’s lips and chides him and from that point onward, she goes from that point and sees her and Arjun’s pic on the presentation board.

Everybody ridicules them which incites Kashvi’s indignation and she destroys the photograph and feels awful while Arjun comes and attempts to legitimize himself.

His companions insult him for being Kashvi’s mam’s number one while Arjun lashes out and Kashvi slaps that man before everybody.

She cautions him from expressing things like this and rebuffs him that today he will work with workers at the building site.

From that point onward, Arjun and Kashvi go from that point while Aditya comes there and reprimands that person for disparaging Kashvi.

Then, at that point, he goes from that point while Karun reviews what Mahima told him and he guaranteed her that he won’t see Kashvi again in his life.

His companions ask what befell him then Karun portrays the entire story so his companion informs him to adhere to the directions concerning his mom.

Meanwhile, Aditya goes to meet Kashvi and asks her what’s going on among her and Kashvi then Kashvi asks him where he got the photograph.

Aditya says that Vishal spread the gossip that there is something among her and Arjun then Kashvi portrays the entire occurrence to Aditya.

Then, Aditya says that he isn’t making a decision about her and Kashvi explains to him that Arjun is only her student and she likewise flies off the handle at him.

He attempts to quiet her and requests that she overlook the things happening in the association and encourages her to zero in on relatives.

From that point onward, Kashvi expresses thanks to him yet he says that compelling reason need to do such customs since he considers her as his perfect partner.

Then, Kashvi goes for an examination in school in regards to immunization and she additionally needs to meet Karun and calls him and expresses hi to him.

Karun gets glad to see her there however reviews the things that Mahima told her and he pivots yet Kashvi comes to him asking what occurred.

He shuts his eyes and demands her to go from that point however she demands he tell her what happened then he puts a pot over his head.

Then, Kashvi goes from that point while Karun can’t inhale on the grounds that the pot stalls out on his head.

The instructor attempts to eliminate the pot however flops then Kashvi quiets him and breaks the pot while Karun shuts his eyes requesting that she go from that point if not something wrong will occur with his mom.

Then, Kashvi wears a head protector and Karun wakes up and embraces her for saving him.

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