Anupama 21st November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Anupama returns home and embraces Anuj. Anuj asks what was the deal? Anupama says nothing will occur. Malti Devi checks them out. Tapish comes to Babu ji’s home. He asks how are you and calls him senior resident. Babu ji says he isn’t old. Tapish rubs his feet and make his aggravation go. Babu ji says you are employed and gives him 1 Rs. Tapish takes it and contacts his feet. Dimpy comes there and asks what is he doing here? Tapish says he has come here to take the institute keys. Dimpy says institute will be shut for certain days until Baa gets fine. She tells babu ji that she can’t give her motivation to get unwell.


Anupama converses with Baa and requests that she take medication, and recall little things. Anuj comes there and says he was remembering to meet Baa and Babu ji today prior to going to office. Anupama requests that he give the sack to Baa. Anuj says you are courageous to manage what is going on. He says they were so terrified to lose the other. Anupama says they were holding their hands. She requests that he give the dry natural products powder to be blended in milk and drink. She requests that he request that everybody there drink it. Anuj says alright and goes. Barkha tells Malti Devi that dry organic products boxes are shipped off Shah house, and Anuj will be taking it. She tells that she feels that Anupama runs the house and sent something different as well.

Kavya requests that Dimpy take rest and let Tapish handle the institute. Dimpy says then he will ask additional cash. He says he is sufficiently reasonable to comprehend what is going on is strained, and requests that she offer keys else he will reprieve the lock. Dimpy gives him keys and heads inside. Tapish leaves.

Anupama and Ankush are working. Barkha tells that Anupama is administering on my significant other as though he will run with the cash. Malti Devi says you have accompanied a similar aim. Anuj returns home. Anupama inquires as to whether Baa and Babu ji took medication and so on. Anuj says I realize that you care for themselves and Choti likewise, and says you will get unwell assuming you mix from to a great extent, so I have taken a choice to end your quandary. Baa and Babu ji come there while the driver is holding their stuff. He says in the event that Baa and Babu ji are here, your strain will be out of the house. Anupama gets cheerful. Anuj asks Babu ji and Baa to sit and says they were not concurring, and I gave her your commitment, so they concur. Anupama says you did well. Baa tells that anything she had done last time..Anuj says we have continued on and failed to remember everything. Ankush says it is great that you came. Barkha thinks my better half is getting goodness assault. Ankush imagines that she should revile me. Babu ji requests that Anupama cause Anuj to comprehend and says they can’t remain here. Anuj says elderly folks are gifts, with whom the house shines, there is three seniors to deal with the house now. Romil comes there and requests that he show the chess. Babu ji says definitely. Malti Devi requests that Anuj take them to visitor room and tells that she will send soup for them. Barkha asks soup. Malti Devi says I figured Anupama will do this, yet Anuj has done this. Barkha says Dimpy and Kavya will come now alongside Vanraj.

Kavya and dimpy are having peanuts. Dimpy says real satisfaction is in… .Kavya says in peanuts. Dimpy thinks back the greatest days of her life. Kavya requests that she go to Anupama’s home for not many days. Dimpy says we are family and I won’t leave you. Kavya says Baa and Babu ji are not at home. She requests that she focus on her wellbeing and foundation. She inquires as to whether Tapish helped the dance institute. Dimpy says he is a decent artist and we got new confirmations as a result of him, however I didn’t commend him. Kavya says baa didn’t have issue when Vanraj and I were companions, she did show when Anupama and Anuj became companions. She says it isn’t her own reasoning, yet society’s tight reasoning. Dimpy says she grasps Baa’s anxiety. Kavya inquires as to whether you like him?

In the room, Anupama requests that they call her at whatever point required. Ankush gives electronic chime to Baa and Babu ji. Anuj says In the event that you ring the chime, somebody will come hearing it. Baa and Babu ji get profound and feel honored to have child in regulation like him. Anuj says no one can be like me, as Baa and Babu ji can’t be same. Baa acclaims Anuj. Anuj says you both are remarkable. Baa says you are great, else I left no opportunity. Anuj says you will be admonished by your girl now. He requests that Anupama deal with them and goes. Anupama likewise goes. Babu ji lets Baa know that they will leave once she is fine. Baa tells that Malti Devi could do without us to be here. Dimpy says she could do without him. Kavya tells that it isn’t that way, in some cases we really want a companion. Dimpy says she will toss something out. Kavya heads inside. A few thugs bother Dimpy. Dimpy runs inside finishing the entryway and looks off of the window.

Precap: Pakhi tells Anupama, you began once more. Anupama says she gets a kick out of the chance to serve them food. Pakhi says you have spoilt their propensity, they used to call you to Shah house frequently. Anupama asks what do you mean and says they are your Baa and Babu ji? Pakhi says she began addressing in the first part of the day. Anuj asks Pakhi not to get rowdy and have food with the family.

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