Ghum Hai Kisikey Pyaar Mein 21st November 2023 Written Update – Star Plus

Surekha keeps on embarrassing Isha and tells her that getting into somebody’s torn shoes is her old propensity like she had baited Shantanu and gone into their home. Isha says Surekha had utilized her messy deceives and got her out of the house. Surekha says she had run out of her obligations. Isha says she had gone to satisfy her obligations as a little girl and when she returned, Surekha grabbed her family and child from her. Surekha says Isha’s terrible deeds removed her from her child. Isha says Surekha drove her out with her tricks. Surekha says Ishan is her child and he confides in her more than Isha. She requests that Isha leave now. Isha says she will not as she got an authority greeting. Surekha tears greeting card and says this school has a place with her and she won’t give her access. Isha says a day would come when her child will break Surekha’s shackles and return to her. She leaves from that point.

Ishan clears up game standards for contender groups and says he will acquaint them with decided in some time. Shantanu attempts to contact Isha to no end. Ishan asks Shantanu when is Isha coming. Shantanu says she isn’t picking call. Ishan acquaints 2 adjudicators with understudies and says third appointed authority is coming and will be presented when she shows up. Surekha strolls in and says Isha won’t come as the vehicle they shipped off get her returned and driver told she is unwell. Shantanu thinks she was fine in the first part of the day. Savi calls Isha. Isha picks call believing Savi’s won’t perform well in that frame of mind for her on the off chance that she doesn’t pick her call. Savi inquires as to whether she is okay. Isha says she is feeling unwell. Savi says she can hear vehicle sound. Isha says she felt uncomfortable en route to Bhosale foundation and getting back. Savi requests that she deal with herself and detaches call.

Surekha programs Ishan against Isha and says she lied that Isha is unwell, truth is Isha would not come and said she won’t enter Bhosale organization as it has a place with Bhosale family; Ishan sent a vehicle to bring her here, yet Isha despises Bhosales and said she won’t come here as establishment has a place with Bhosale family. Ishan as expected confides in her. Understudies talk about what will they draw. Ayush requests that Durva send Anvi out in some way to execute their arrangement. Durva requests that Anvi practice for the following rivalry and let them handle spray painting compeition and sends her away. Ayush sends Sara out in lieu of getting something. Sara leaves wearing a cover and an expert spray painting craftsman Maggie Supernatural strolls in. Ayush presents her and they ought to go about as though she is Sara.

Savi chooses a subject and ascends a stepping stool to follow through with something. Ishan associates with understudies and strolls towards Savi. Savi slips. He holds her. The two of them embrace one another. Durva video calls Surekha and shows that to Surekha. Savi apologizes Ishan. Ishan requests that she focus on her opposition. Savi then sees his coat spoilt and apologizes him. She says she will pay for his coat when she begins working. Ishan reminds how he spoilt his vehicle windshield, PC, and so on. Savi says she has noted down all that and will reimburse him once she turns into an IAS official. Their nok jhok proceeds. Ihsan then requests that she return to her opposition. Surekha exhaust seeing their science and decides to rebuff Savi. Savi finds blue variety bottle missing and goes to get it from a store room with an adjudicator’s consent. She knocks on Sari and asks what is she doing here and for what good reason is she wearing a hoodie. Sara gets strained.

Precap: Savi illuminates Ishan about seeing Sara outside the opposition setting and another young lady supplanting her. Savi’s companions acclaim Sara’s spray painting craftsmanship. Surekha ruins Savi’s specialty.

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