Anupama written update 27 July 2021 New opportunity for Vanraj’s cafe

At the beginning of the episode, a customer arrived at the cafe with her friends and demands for the burger prepared by Anupama. Baa prepared the burger for everyone because Anupama already taught her. Later when few customers arrived at the cafe everyone was eating and enjoying, Rakhi arrived at the cafe and she sends everyone out of the cafe.

Vanraj asked why she is sending the customers out? Rakhi informed that they were fake customers and she has send them, so she can send them out also. Rakhi started insulting Vanraj and done the payment on behalf of fake customers and keep it at the table. Vanraj returned the money and asked her to leave from there. Kavya asked Vanraj to take the money from Rakhi. Vanraj denied to Kavya. Vanraj and Kavya started arguing with each other.

Vanraj said he can face the loss but can’t take money from Rakhi. Rakhi said if he can take help from his ex-wife then he can also accept money from her. Kavya said Rakhi is right and she take money from Rakhi. Rakhi wants to create differences between the Shah family and to destroy Vanraj’s cafe. Later Kinjal came to Vanraj and started apologising on behalf of Rakhi. Vanraj asked her to not to come in between this issues and focus on her career. Kinjal gave a head massage to Vanraj. Baa and Anupama saw everything.

Baa admired Kinjal in front of Anupama, and said if Toshu and Kinjal will go out of this house then we will miss them a lot. Anupama said Rakhi will do everything to make Toshu and Kinjal away from them. Later Nandini arrived at Shah residence and informed Vanraj about a group of food critics, and informed everyone that a food critics Mansi Jain will arrive at the cafe today. Everyone becomes happy. Baa asked why they will arrive? Vanraj said they will promote their cafe if they will like the food. Nandini informed everyone that she has listened that Mansi Jain is too strict and if she didn’t like the food then their cafe can be close permanently.

Later Vanraj asked the chef to prepare every recipe. Chef tried but failed to prepare perfectly and asked Vanraj to call Anupama. Vanraj said she will not arrive and asked him to do it again. Anupama send Samar and Nandini to cafe to help Vanraj. On the other hand Kavya shouted at Anupama but she ignored her. Kavya said that if something wrong will happens with the cafe then Anupama will be responsible for that. Later Kavya arrived at the cafe and informed Vanraj that Anupama will not arrive at the cafe. Mansi Jain arrived at the cafe and she ordered the thepla and dhokla which is prepared by Anupama. Anupama arrived at the cafe and informed Kavya to don’t boiled her  blood as she will prepare the food.

Upcoming Story: Vanraj sings the song to entertain the customer. Anupama and Samar dance on the song. Mansi Jain take picture of Vanraj and Kavya and leaves from there.Vanraj asks that about his services. Mansi replies that tomorrow you will get answer.

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