Anupama written update 29 July 2021 Kavya provokes Vanraj

At the beginning of the episode, Nandini registered Vanraj’s cafe on a website of a group of critics and got a visit from a food critic Mansi Jain. Kavya requested Anupama to prepare food for the critic, at first Anupama refused to work in the cafe but after Samar’s request, she agreed. Anupama prepared food for the critic and Vanraj sing a song on a customer’s demand and then the food critic leaves from there. Later Vanraj read the review of food critic in the newspaper and get shocked after reading. Kavya started shouting at Anupama for getting 2 stars in the review.

Vanraj shouted at Kavya and said they got 2 stars because of her. In review, Mansi Jain explained that owner Kavya was too irritating, and give a star to Anupama and Baa. Baapu ji stopped Vanraj. Samar started a newspaper and a customer to which Anupama has served the food, done the blog, and admired Vanraj’s cafe. Blogger said the cafe’s environment is very comfortable and she also admired Anupama and also requested everyone to go to the cafe. Kavya gets angry.

Blogger said she gets to know that two people can stay together even after their divorce. Everyone get happy after reading the positive messages on that blog. Nandini too arrived at the Shah residence. Everyone admired Anupama. Vanraj shows gratitude towards Anupama to promote his cafe. Kavya gets angry and leaves from there, Vanraj went behind her. Vanraj asked Kavya to stay calm because at last their cafe gets promoted. Kavya said the blogger admired Anupama more than him, and said Vanraj needs Anupama in everything and Anupama does everything.

Kavya asked how he becomes dependent on Anupama? Vanraj said they are good friends and Anupama help him. Kavya said helping in friendship is a two-way process and said she want her old Vanraj back, who handled everything with himself. On the other side, Samar informed Anupama that they got 100K views on the cafe’s blog and said soon Anupama will become a celebrity. Anupama said she will not help Vanraj because he will feel bad if she will help him. Samar asked why Vanraj will feel bad? Anupama said because his ego will get hurt.

Baa asked Vanraj to have breakfast. Vanraj decided to go to a cafe and asked Baa to feed Anupama because she is more famous than the cafe and leaves from there. Later Toshu got a key of the penthouse. Toshu shows love towards Kinjal. Kinjal said she will only stay on weekend at the penthouse. Toshu gets angry and said if Kinjal will not get a shift to the penthouse then he alone will get a shift to the penthouse. Anupama comes to the cafe and said she didn’t ask the blogger to admire her in the blog and said she will not help her again. Vanraj said he will give the rent of this cafe to her.

Upcoming Story: A govt. Official arrive at cafe and inform Vanraj that factory’s property tax is due from so many years and therefore they need to pay the tax of Rs. 20 lakhs.

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