Anupamaa 13th August : Anu has major tiff with Devika

Star Plus new show is rocking at trp chart. Anupamaa brings something new but some remain the same. In the previous episode we saw Devika come and they all have lots of fun. Devika is really very suspicious about Van and Kavya’s relation. Samar dreams about Nandani and is really very excited. Varun tells him the name. Kavya comes home, Anu said to have breakfast. Kavya tells about Deadpool film, Van’s reaction changed. Devika and Anu had an argument about Van loyalty.

In today’s episode, the argument continues and Anu says she trust Van more than God. And that Devika met Kavya for the first time so she is saying like that. To which Devika says she will speak the truth whether Anu likes it or not. Devika cares for Anu.
In the next scene, Van and Kavya are at office romancing. Back at Shah’s house, Anu says everymen are not the same and she is sympathetic but Van is not like other men. He is very different. They both have a bet on Van’s cheating or not. To which Devika wants to lose for the first time. Anu is a little strange.

Then Kavya says about her niece coming and where she will be staying to which Van says she can take keys from Anu and that nobody can come between him and Kavya. Now in Shah house about Janamashtmi prep starts. Baa says not to call Anu’s family. Anu see Kanhaji swing, her and Van name written on it, Samar makes fun about this. Samar has its competition the next day. Kinjal comes to Shah Niwas and hugs Anu. Then Kinjal asks is there any party to which they say it’s for Janamashtmi, Kinjal says wow. Anu asks Baa to call Kinjal’s parents also, Baa says yes and she can call Kavya also. Kinjal says she also wants to help to which Anu says yes and Samar says she can be his assistant. Kids have fun. Toshi wants to spend some time with Kinjal and the whole situation is funny. Samar meets Nandani outside his house. Samar is lost in thoughts. Destiny and accident talks. Episode ends.

In the upcoming episode, we shall see Anu is falling and Nandani helps her. Van says that Nandani parent’s got divorced and that she doesn’t have to be close to her. Anu says it’s her parents who got divorce not her and compares with Kavya. Van is stranged. What changes will Nandani bring?? Kinjal and Nandni are together, what will be the reactions?? Too many questions but answers are there. For that keep reading our updates and keep watching Anupamaa only on Star Plus.

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