Barrister babu 13th august : Bondita wants to return the favor

Colors show Barrister Babu gaining audience interest by their unique storyline and high voltage twist and turns.

The episode starts with Bondita apologizes to Durga Devi as she used bad words for her husband.  The same Anirudh tells Mini that Bondita is not his wife but only his responsibility.  He says that he is tired of telling this thing to everyone but no one believes him.  Anirudh says Mini also does not even understand him, she also considers him as a deceiver.  Anirudh starts going.  Mini stops him and asks for forgiveness.  But Anirudh leaves by saying that he has to leave Panditji at the railway station.

Bondita thinks why Anirudh has not come home yet.  Trilochan informs her that Anirudh has gone to leave Panditji.  Trilochan then tells Bondita to burn the lamp for God and goes from there.  Bondita does as Trilochan says.  And thinks that Anirudh helped her a lot and that she should also gift something to  Anirudh.

Then Bondita thinks if she should give her a doll.  But then she says that this not a good idea.  Bondita goes to Bihari and asks for Anirudh’s advocacy certificate.  At first, Bihari refuses but then gives it to her.  Bondita thinks that this certificate was accidentally damaged earlier but now she will fix it.

Next, Bondita goes to the bathroom, takes a bucket of water, and then rinses the certificate with water and soap and erases all ink marks.  And makes the paper clean and white.  Bondita becomes happy and thinks the gift is ready.

There Anirudh is scolding Batuk because he does not go to school.  And tells him about the importance of education.  The next morning Anirudh is going out and Binoy stops him and says that he is going to Kolkata in a meeting and there he will talk about Anirudh’s advocacy practice.  Then Bondita comes there.  And says to Anirudh that she likes to take a bath in the bathroom because it does not make her afraid that someone will come like it used to be on the banks of the river.  Anirudh says this is a good thing.

Bondita says that she has to tell one more thing.  Anirudh asks and what is that thing?  Bondita says that she wants to give him something.  Anirudh says that he will talk about this later.  And tells Bondita to leave from there.  After Bondita leaves, Anirudh says that he wants to become an advocate but not just for money.  He wants to do advocacy to bring changes in society and to give rights to others.

The other side  Sampurna vomit, due to which everyone becomes happy thinking that Sampurna is pregnant.  Sourav’s mother is also very happy.  While other mother thinks that why Saurav’s mother is so happy?  Because she didn’t want that at all.  Further, Saurav asks Sampurna when there was no such relationship between them, then how did she become pregnant.  But Before he completes his words, Sourav’s father comes and asks him to go to work.

Further, Saurav is lost in his thoughts and Anirudh asks him where are you lost?  Sourav does not answer and says nothing.  Then Anirudh talks to him about the public toilet.  Saurav says that women can understand if a woman tells them the importance of this thing.  Saurav says Saudamini can do this.  Mini is listening to their words and is happy to hear Sourav.  But Anirudh says that Mini cannot do this.  And they need a woman who is like those women who have knowledge of this difficult situation which Mini does not have.  Mini gets angry after hearing this.  Episode ended.

Will Anirudh be able to bring change in society? Will Sourav be able to know the truth behind Sampurna’s pregnancy?

All these questions will be answered by upcoming episodes.  Stay in this place to know what is going to happen in your favorite show Barrister Babu.

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