Barrister Babu 11 November 2021 written update – Batuk tries to harm Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Trilochan asks Bondita to make the same promise that she will not leave Roy haveli. Bondita agrees. She says that this child is hers and Anirudh’s so this child is theirs too. And she promises that she will never leave them and this house. Bondita adds that she also believes that Anirudh is alive because if she is alive then her Anirudh will also be alive.

She adds that but she wants to leave the house because Batuk has started hating her which can be harmful for her child. Trilochan understands her point. He says that Batuk has lost his understanding due to hatred thus now he doesn’t know what is right and what is wrong. He says that he will take Bondita at his friend’s house and will not let Batuk know anything. This time he will not let his son’s love go wrong with his daughter-in-law.

Here Anirudh remembers that he lives in Tulsipur. The man who saves him thinks that they should go to Tulsipur soon so that he can meet his family members. Bondita is about to leave the mansion. But the labor pains start. Sampoorna says that maybe Bondita has started labor pains. They should go to the hospital. Then there comes Batuk. He says that he too will go to the hospital. Trilochan forbids him to come with them.

Bondita screams in pain. Here Anirudh leaves for Tulsipur. While Sampoorna says that they should go to the hospital now. Trilochan requests Batuk not to do anything wrong with Bondita. Batuk says ok. Then someone comes and tells Trilochan that their mansion is on fire. Trilochan and Sampoorna leave from there. Batuk laughs and says he will take care of everything now.

The doctor tells Batuk that he has been able to save either the mother and the child. Batuk says that he should save the child. But since Anirudh is praying for Bondita, Bondita also survives. Bondita has twins. A boy and a girl. But Batuk takes the children from there when Bondita is not conscious. When Bondita regains consciousness, she asks about her children.

The nurse tells her that her children are with Batuk. He has taken them from here. Bondita gets nervous. She stands to leave from there. On the other hand, Trilochan tells Batuk not to take the children away from their mother. But Batuk does not listen to them. He says that he will take the children away from Bondita and take them to Italy. Bondita overhears all this as she too has reached Roy mansion.

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