Barrister Babu 12 November 2021 written update – Anirudh saves Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita asks Batuk to open the door and give her babies. Batuk laughs. Sampoorna feels bad and asks Batuk even if can’t feel guilty after hearing a mother’s loud. Batuk says that she is faking it. Trilochan tells him that if he doesn’t give babies to Bondita then she will die. Batuk gets happy and informs him that he wants her to die. That is why if she will die then he will be the one how’s going to get happy. He adds that Bondita took his brother’s place, she used to break the rules thus he is going to punish her and will separate her children from her.

Bondita asks him to open the door otherwise she will break the door. Batuk refuses to hear her. Thus Bondita takes a wooden stick and starts breaking the door. She adds that she can destroy this whole haveli. Trilochan too asks Batuk to open the door otherwise a mother’s anger will destroy him. Batuk goes on the roof. He put kerosene on her. He adds that his brother saved her life years ago and today he will take her life. He sets fire around her and goes away from there.

Bondita shouts out loud and asks for help. Then only Anirudh comes there. He is shocked to see that Bondita is in danger. He helps her. Bondita hugs him and says that she knew that he is alive. Then she tells him that Batuk is trying to snatch their children from them. Anirudh gets surprised after hearing this. Bondita tells her that he is a father now. She adds that when he was not here, Batuk used to think that she was the one who killed him and because of that he wants to punish her.

Anirudh gets angry. He breaks the door. He and enter in the home. Anirudh gets so happy to see his children. Trilochan too breaks the door. He stands shocked seeing Anirudh in front of him. He hugs him. He asks him if he is fine. He says yes. Afterwards, Batuk comes there. He tries to hug him but Anirudh slaps him. Batuk gets shocked. Anirudh announces that from now on he is not his brother.

He adds that he hurt his family and that is why he doesn’t want to see his face. He asks him to leave the Roy Haveli. Batuk gets sad. He goes away from there. Later Anirudh and Bondita went to the temple. They take the blessing of Durga maa. Bondita says thanks to Durga maa as she always helps her and her family. Anirudh asks God to always stay by their side and bless their children’s too.

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