Anupamma 10 October : Leela’s words make Anupama happy

At the beginning of the episode, Leela is moaning with leg pain when Anupama gives her a massage and says that she knows that her leg is hurting. Leela says that even though Anupama is not that good daughter-in-law, she is not so bad either. Leela says that she does not understand how she tolerated Anupama for 25 years. Anupama says that 25 years passed very soon. She tells Leela about her mother’s words. She tells Leela that despite this that she does not like her, her mother always asks her to respect Leela and win her heart. Anupama says but she fails but still, she hopes that there is some room for her in her heart.

Anupama asks Leela if she likes her this time. Leela says she never dislikes her. Anupama is happy to know this. Kavya thinks that the way she has received an apology from Leela today, she will win Leela’s heart one day as well. Vanraj says that he is happy to know that Kavya apologized to Leela. Kavya says she had to apologize because Leela is her future mother-in-law. Hearing this Vanraj’s face gets down. Kavya says why he is getting so distracted, she is going to tell someone about their marriage. Kavya says that apart from these things she wants to tell him that he should bring a simple mangalsutra for her. She is happy to think that she will be married before Anupama. Pakhi comes and tells Kavya that she should come to Anupama’s mehndi on time.

Kavya tells Vanraj that his family is acting like Vanraj is getting married for the first time. She says but she is also going to put married. Apanuma tells Leela that she is very happy and thanks to her for giving her the best gift in the world. What gift, Leela ask? Anupama says Vanraj. Leela blesses them to be together forever.

Next the mehndi program starts, Kavya applies the mehndi with Meenu’s hand. Nandni sees this and decides to have a conversation with Samar. But she could not say anything. Vanraj tells Kavya that he has brought Mangalasutra for Kavya. Kavya is happy. The dance function begins. Kavya dreams of dancing with Vanraj.

Precap: Kavya spoils Anupama’s mehndi hands.

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