Shaadi Mubarak 10 October : Possibility of KT and Preeti getting a new project

At the beginning of the episode, Preeti shows Juhi the nail she got stuck on the laptop. Juhi says that she saw the same nail in Priyanka’s hands. Priyanka gets nervous after hearing this. Preeti tells Juhi that she should not doubt the family at any cost as such acts only make the relationship weak. But Juhi still suspects Priyanka and she goes to Priyanka’s room to check her nails for her comfort. But Juhi finds that the color of Priyanka’s nails is not orange but silver. Juhi feels bad and she apologizes as she suspects Priyanka.

Juhi is leaving Priyanka’s room and finds Preeti outside Priyanka’s door. She tells Preeti that she has checked Priyanka’s nails for the satisfaction of her mind and finds that Priyanka’s nails do not match that of her fake nails. Preeti says that a hardworking and honest person like Priyanka cannot do anything like this. When Priyanka hears their words, she feels guilty as well as sadness.

There KT tells his mother that Preeti is such a true and good person. KT’s mother says that she too hopes that Preeti is a good person because she doesn’t want KT to be betrayed again. The next morning, KT arrives at the office and says that he thinks they are going to get a good project. He says that he feels it all because Preeti encourages him. Sheena then arrives and tells Katie that they are likely to get a project from Mrs. Gopalani. She explains that she loves the white color. KT apologizes to Sheena for yesterday’s misbehavior. Sheena says there is no need.

Katie says that they should have a meeting with Gopalani in time. But sees that his car is damaged. Preeti says they should get a cab online. But KT does not find any cab available. They get frustrated. KT comes up with an idea.

Rati tells Tarun that she is in a hurry to go to work, will he clean the utensils? Tarun says yes. Rati leaves. Priyanka comes shortly. She sees Tarun doing household chores. Tarun pretends and says that Rati harasses him like this. Priyanka takes Tarun’s words aside and expresses her sorrow. She says she is ashamed to do wrong with Preeti. Tarun says that after a few days he will divorce Rati and bring Preeti back and keep her happy. KT brings a bike as a solution to the problem and with the help of this, they arrange to go to the meeting. Episode end.

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