Nagin 11 October -Jai’s staggering plan

At the beginning of the episode, Bani recalls how Veer had said last night that he would instill a love for her in her mind and make her wore sindoor and mangalsutra. Bani hears that Balwant is telling Shukla that Veer will soon learn about the secret of his past. Bani escapes from there with her serpent avatar. Daksha hears a strange voice and tells everyone that a snake is in his house, on which Balwant wonders.

Jai asks Shukla how he will reach Sakura’s place. Shukla says this is difficult but first they have to imprison Veer. Jai makes sounds like Bani to imprison Veer and when Veer comes out thinking that Bani is in trouble, then Jai captures him. Bani reaches another strange place. Jai tells Mayuri and Shukla that when Jai has become their captive, then why are they not meeting him? Mayuri says because Shukla says that we should not underestimate Veer. Bani feels very strange at that place, even her powers are not working there.

Jai and others go to Sakura place. Jai tells Sakura that if he changes his face as he says and does what he says, he will get him free. Sakura refuses at first but then agrees. Bani touches the red stone. There the picture changes and Sakura replaces Akesh’s face in place of Veer. Jai thinks about how it happened. When Bani goes to find out about the stone, she finds that Panditji is dead and this made her sad.

Everyone searches for Veer at home but when Sakura enters with Akash’s face and tells that he is Veer, Balwant and others are also shocked. Veer i.e. Sakura says that he has remembered everything. Balwant says If this is so then he should remove a person like Bani from their path. Veer says that he will do this soon and takes Bani there in his lap. Veer takes her to the room and reveals the truth that she is Nageswari. He tries to kill Bani without touching her. Episode end.

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