Shaadi Mubarak 12 October : Gopalani’s rude behavior

At the beginning of the episode, KT and Preeti have to go to a meeting. KT used to talk about her films. Preeti asks him to close these talks and concentrate on the road. KT falls silent at Preeti’s behest. Then he reaches his direction, then Preeti is worried thinking what will happen if someone sees them. KT says that he knows what she is thinking. Preeti is shocked to hear this. KT tells her to ride her hair. Preeti thinks he worried about hair only and she is thinking about the folk society here.

Tarun says that when Priyanka is such a modern woman, how can she refrain from marrying him by keeping a stoic thought. Priyanka says because all this is not easy and there is also no doubt that she is modern and can fight for her happiness. Preeti and KT arrive at Gopalani’s. The watchman looks at Preeti’s color and thinks about how Gopalani called her and he calls and asks Gopalani. She tells him that she is mahandiwali so send her. The watchman sends her through the back gate. After a while when KT arrives, he sees his appearance and sends him from the front gate.

When KT meets Gopalani, Gopalani impresses with KT. But when Gopalani meets Preeti, she is shocked to see her dark color and refuses to work with her. When Preeti asks the reason for this, she tells her that she cannot work with a black woman like her. Preeti remembers being despised by her husband, son, and society because of this color.

Juhi sees a ring in Priyanka’s room and asks whose it is. Priyanka speaks it is hers and Amit has given it to her. Juhi is happy and says that it is good that she is mingling with Amit. The same Kusum says that it is not right to meet so much before marriage, it increases the risk of relationship breakdown. Priyanka says that breaking up and joining relationships is common nowadays. Kusum says but not for her. Gopalani refuses Preeti for work. Preeti simply denies Gopalani’s idea of ​​not giving her work for her complexion. Gopalani’s assistant says that they should give work to Preeti or else they will be in trouble if Preeti puts her thoughts on social media. Gopalani hires Preeti but only asks her to work on the backstage. Episode end.

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