Shakti 12 October : Virat’s happiness matters to Parmeet

At the beginning of the episode, when Parmeet gets the news from Sindhu that Virat has jumped into the abyss, then her facial expressions fade and she falls to the ground. Seeing this, Sant is worried and asks what has happened. Parmeet tells him that Virat has fallen into the abyss. Sant calls the policeman and asks him to investigate Virat and tries to calm Parmeet. Heer says that she also wants to jump from the hill but Mahi tells her not to take such a decision for Soumya.

Heer sets out to find Virat. Harak feels that Virat will not return like Harman. Preeto tells him that they should find Virat with Heer instead of talking like that. Daljit informs the family members that Virat has truly jumped from the hill himself. Parmeet asks Sant to find him and insists on coming with him. Simran handles Parmeet. Gurminder is also worried about Virat and prays for him to be safe.

Shano sees that Soham is doing havan and asks for the reason when Soham tells her that he met his father today and he has done this havan to reduce his suffering. Soham says that now he will deliver his father peace from the ruin of Harka and Preeto. Shano supports him. Soham informs her about Virat. Shano calls it good news.

Sant and Daljit search for Virat. Shano and Soham make happiness. Heer considers an unknown man as Virat and cries after remembering Virat’s words. Preeto asks her to go home. She refuses. Sant arrives, he threatens Harak. Heer and Harak ask him to focus on Virat. Sant goes from there. Parmeet is ready to get Virat married to Heer for his happiness only. Harak informs him that Virat is not yet found. Here Parmeet’s condition worsens. Episode end.

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