Anupamma 12 October : Disgusting action of Kavya

At the beginning of the episode, Rakhi is shown that Vanraj’s name is written in Kavya’s hands which shocked Anupma and she asks Kavya why she has written Vanraj’s name. Kavya says that she did not do this intentionally and that perhaps Mehndi Wali wrote Vanraj’s name by mistake. She scolds mehndi wali for this mistake. Rakhi says when she was aware of this mistake then why did she not remove the name. Kavya says that she was about to do this but the matter sprang up before that. Anupama also asks her to remove Vanraj’s name as Vanraj is her husband and according to Anupama, Vanraj’s name only suits her.

Samar wipes the mehndi from Kavya’s hand and apologizes. Leela says that there is no need to apologize to Kavya because Anupama has the right anyway and according to her Kavya should not feel bad about it. Kavya is disappointed with her mehndi going bad and Nandni tells Kavya that this is the result of wrong actions and that she should step back in time.

But Kavya thinks of taking revenge on Anupama, she pretends to fall and holds Anupama’s hand to handle herself, and at the same time, she spoiled her mehndi. Anupama feels very sad to see this but Vanraj asks her not to mourn for such a small thing.

Further, Vanraj says that today is their turmeric function but that does not mean that she needs to get shy for it. Anupama tells Vanraj how Pakhi is talking about her going to Goa. After some time, Anupama’s Mangalasutra is broken by Vanraj. Anupama gets nervous. But Vanraj does not bother about it.

Jayesh asks Samar to bring some stuff. Samar takes Vanraj’s car for it. When Vanraj learns this, he gets nervous. He tells Kavya that he will show her the Mangalsutra later. Jayesh decides to stay on the bride’s side at the wedding.

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