Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 12 October: Manish asked Krishna to leave the house

At the beginning of the episode, Naira and Kartik enter the room with the baby. The baby was crying very loudly, Naira and Kartik tried a few tactics to make her silent. Dadi acknowledged about the Manish from Swarna. Akhil added that we can’t stop the medicines immediately before getting Manish checked properly. Then Naira applied asafoetida on the baby’s navel and asked Kartik to wait for the result. Naksh was putting his phone on charge, then heard a notification sound from Kirti’s phone, and immediately checked her phone. Then Kirti entered the room and Naksh taunted her and said that she is still in contact with Aditya by showing that text message. Then Kirti explained to him that she has locked him from everywhere then also Aditya text her with new numbers and trouble her. Suddenly Krish enters the room and Naksh went with him to play video games with him.

Kartik started Panicking and came downstairs with Naira to take to the doctor. Swarna stopped Kartik and asked Naira to give the baby in her arm and in a few minutes baby becomes silent. Then everyone makes fun of Kartik over caring nature. Dadi was asking Swarna to make a pillow for the baby as soon as possible, at the same point of time Akhil shared a past incident with Surekha and then everyone laughed out. Naira was in the room and keeping an eye on the child and Kartik entered with a bowl of sweets and offered Naira, but she denied eating. Then Kartik grasped Naira from the back and insisted on her dance with him. Then Kartik bought 2 headphones and then they had a wonderful time and at the last baby again started crying.

Swarna came out of her room and found Krishna standing in the corner. Krishna started insisting Swarna take her to Manish, but she said he is resting now And took her downstairs. The next morning all the family members were present in the hall, and suddenly Krishna came and hugged Manish. Dadi said her not come near Manish by her gesture, but Krishna ignored and started making recognize herself to Manish. After a few minutes, Manish recalled the past and pointing towards Krishna blamed her for coming in front of the car due to which accident happened. And started shouting at her. Suddenly Manish felt Unconscious and Akhil handled him takes him to his room. Kartik started at Naira, then Naira apologized for not making aware of the incident.

Krishna acknowledged Naira and Kartik how Naira dropped her purse and she went to return it back and went through a sort cut and suddenly stumbled and fell on the road due to which Naira has turned the steering of the wheels and accident took Palace. Krishna joined her hand in front of Kartik to forgive her and not to scold Nira as she is innocent. Kartik grasped her hands and said her to keep quiet and calmed by saying that he will make things Normal soon.

Episode ends….

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