Yeh Hain Chahtein 12 October : Rudrakash tortures Preesha

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash clench Preesha’s wrist tightly and came moved outside with Saransh. Yuvraj was standing there speaking in mind says that he still stood empty hands, and Rudrakash takes away Preesha with her. While returning to Khurana’s house, Rudrakash noticed Preesha was uncomfortable and suffering from head pain. Rudrakash decided to multiply her pain and played rock music in his car. Preesha was getting more troubled by the loud music. Then Rudrakash started singing too and requested Saransh to join him. Rudrakash was finding new ways to torcher Preesha.

Balraj was getting angry and thinking why Rudrakash went back to take Preesha. Ahana and Mishka adding some spices said that Preesha is controlling Rudrakash and spinning him on her fingers. At the same moment, Rudrakash arrived at the door and called Shardha, and requested her to complete the welcome ceremony quickly. As soon as the ceremony ended Rudrakash was moving ahead to his room, but Balraj stopped him and asked him for the explanation for his behavior. Shardha takes Saransh and Preesha with her, and Balraj went to his room with Rudrakash. On the way to the room Shardha said Preesha to keep calm and believe in God, he will fix back everything soon. Preesha said Shardha in a crying voice that how she will explain Rudrakash that Rahul has instigated him against her using any fake video.

Rudrakash went with Balraj to his room and said that Saransh will not live without Preesha, Balraj angrily said that Preesha will not leave in this house anymore. Rudrakash said sorry and added that Preesha will live in this same house, but she will have to face many troubles while staying in this house. Balraj insisted Rudrakash to acknowledge him that what Preesha has done with him, But Rudrakash went off from there. Rudrakash was resting on the couch with the beer in this on hand. Suddenly Bunty called Rudrakash and acknowledged his health, Rudrakash shares everything with Bunty what happened with him in the past. Bunty said to him that he still love her that’s why he didn’t leave Preesha yet. Rudrakash said in a bold voice that he wanted to take revenge from Preesha for all the things which she gas done with him.

Yuvraj called Rahul and said to him that her wife is with Preesha and hinting her something over a call. Rahul calmed him said everything is normal as both are friends and asked him to take a rest. After hanging up the call Rahul though for a while and hid the dower keys somewhere else.

Rudrakash came to his room and takes Preesha with him to the next room and started forcing her to sleep with him. Preesha tried to stop him but Rudrakash was forceful grasped Preesha’s face and started forcing her. Suddenly Preesha’s cloth gets torn from the shoulder while she was handling Rudrakash. Preesha gets stunned and stood still.

Episode ends….

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