Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 12 October : Aman faced a tough challenge

At the beginning of the episode, Aman discovers the real moon with the help of Armaan and thanks Armaan for this. Natasha and other family members help Aman to land the moon, seeing that Roshni is disappointed because she wants to defeat Aman. And Roshni deliberately spoils the work of Aman. Rehan suggests to Aman that he bring a piece of the moon with magic. Aman tries to do the same but his magic does not work on the moon and Roshni laughs at him.

Aman decides that he will go to the moon and bring the piece for which Natasha and Rehan refuse it because the moon reduces Jin’s powers. Aman still decides to take this risk for Roshni and leaves the car towards the moon. He remembers his and the moment of Roshni and breaks the moon and goes back to the earth. But before Aman reaches to the moon piece, the magician gains the moon piece with magic.

In front of Roshni, the magician presents the moon and Aman also reaches in time with the piece but Roshni declares the magician as the winner. Aman and family call it an injustice and ask her to give Aman another chance. Roshni agrees with this. She decides to give Aman one last chance this time and thinks that now she will see how Aman wins this competition.

Natasha says why Rehan can’t hug her for 20 seconds. She says that she does not want to waste any more time and wants her body back. Rehan does this to get his body but when he hugs Natasha, he feels that hugging Natasha like this is cheating with Shayari and he removes her before it is 20 seconds. Natasha is disappointed by this. Bona Jin gets angry with Rehan and decides to remove Rehan i.e. Natasha from the road.

Roshni brings the crosses the lava chains path for the final contest and asks both contestants to bring emeralds. The competition is tough because whoever goes into the lava chain becomes a bundle and does not come back. But Aman is ready to do it for the sake of Roshni. Episode end.

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