Qurbaan Hua 13 October : Naveli planned to escape from the house

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat speaking to herself says that she will do something for Niel and return back his favor. Chahat moved towards Niel cupboard then she thought Niel would scold her for touching his cupboard. Thinking for a few minutes Chahat thought of ironing Niel’s dress, then she gathered the clothes and arranged the setup. While ironing Chahat started thinking of her exam which was coming near. Then Chahat said to Kripa that her father is having a dream that her daughter will become the well-known doctor of Uttarakhand. While thinking of all these. Niel pant gets burnt from one side with a big hole. Niel called Chahat loudly and then she folded his clothes without noticing the hole and went off.

Gazala entered the room after Chahat’s exit. Gazala turn on the iron and placed near Kripa and quickly escaped from there and went out near Godhambhari, and started dusting. Here Niel was finding spices in the kitchen, then Chahat said that she has placed all the spices in on the box. Then Niel gets angry and explained to her that all spices should not be kept in on the box. Then Chahat said sorry to Niel and said she has very less knowledge about the kitchen stuff. Then Chahat said Niel that Kripa is alone in the room so she has to go, and moved on.

Due to emitting heat from the iron, Kripa started crying. Then Gazala provoked Godhambhari to go and watch Kripa. Chahat reached the room sooner than Godhambhari and turn off the iron. And when Godhambhari reached noticed that Chahat and Kripa were playing with each other. There Gazala was wondering, that how come Godhambhari didn’t create any scene yet. Godhambhari came back and taunted Gazla for creating humor, and said her not peek everywhere in the house.

Gazala went to Naveli’s room and thought of using her to target Chahat. Indirectly Gazala provoked Naveli to escape from his house with his lover as soon as possible because there is. No time left at all. And hinted Naveli that if somebody comes in between, then she should kill them. Than Naveli decides to get an escape from there soon.

Gazala rushed to Chahat and alerted her about the Naveli’s escape. Then Chahat went to Naveli’s room and noticed Naveli was talking to someone about her escape plan and she also listened that Naveli was threatening him that he will not come then she will reveal the secret of Mahashivratri’s night. After listening to this Chahat went back and searched for the calendar and started searching for the date of Mahashivratri’s night. Then she gets to know that this night was the same day when Sarswati died.

Chahat linked all the clues and predicted that Naveli’s boyfriend has the involvement in Sarswati’s death. Pramukh gets angry at Naveli’s this decision and decided to kill Naveli. And here Chahat decided to catch the culprit, and clear all the fake allegations on Dr. Baigh.

Episode ends…..

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