Barrister babu 12 October : Bondita reaches Hira Mandi

In the beginning of the episode, Bondita comes to Hira Mandi and thinks that this place is very strange. Bondita asks the man about Gandhiji.

She tells him that it would be good that she join Gandhiji soon so that she returns to her village soon but the man drags her away.

When Tara sees this, she slaps a man for such mistreatment of Bondita. Anirudh also comes to Kolkata but thinks how will he find Bondita in such a big city.

Tara asks Bondita if she is hungry. Bondita says yes and Tara asks for Bondita’s food and tells Suraiya and Ramya to take her baggage.

Bondita refuses because she has only come for a while and will soon take Gandhiji with her. Anirudh thinks of making Bondita a painting to find her.

He goes to the painter and asks him to draw a picture of a girl for him. The painter asks for a picture from him. Anirudh has a picture but is not clear. Anirudh tells Painter the nexus of Bondita. Anirudh cries after remembering Bondita and decides to find Bondita by putting her picture in the city.

While Bondita praises Anirudh’s thoughts and qualities in front of Tara. And says that she wants to meet Gandhiji soon so that she can go with him and tell the villagers that a woman does not become insignificant only because of being released.

Tara tells Bondita that no one will call her a abandoned woman where she is staying. Tara says that now this is her home world and she give her the name Munmun.

Bondita says that her name will remain only Bondita. Tara does not want Bondita to come out of her hand and she tells her that she will definitely introduce Bondita to Gandhiji. Tara says that no one can put a hand to Bondita without her will nor can anyone save her. Episode ended.

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