Shakti 13 October : Virat hugs Sant

 the beginning of the episode, Heer worships for Virat and gets hurt with it while performing the pooja. Preeto notices this and panics. Parmeet’s condition is also bad. Sant tries to ease her agony.

While performing the puja, Heer’s hand starts bleeding. Harak tells her to stop for God’s sake. But Heer does not stop and continues the worship. Heera’s Dua saves Virat and he returns to Heer.

Heer is happy to see he is safe and hugs him. She questions Virat about how he decided to endanger his life. Virat says that he did this for her as well as he was sure that he will come back. He asks Preeto for Heer’s hand. Preeto refuses. Everyone is shocked.

Heer says she will marry Virat for sure. Preeto takes her with her. Heer says if someone else does the same act, she does not feel sad but this behavior is being done by her which make her so sad. Preeto does not listen to a single thing and locks her in the room. Virat vows that he will take Heer one day with the will of Preeto.

Rohan tells Virat that he need to meet his parents. Virat refuses because it was his parents who drove him out of the house. Rohan explains to him that his parents are very worried, so it is good if he only show them his face once so that they becomes worry-free. Virat agrees with Rohan.

Parmeet has decided that she will sit at the door and wait for Virat’s arrival. Virat comes. Parmeet hugs him. She tells him that she no longer has any objection to Heer and his relationship because his happiness matters to her. Virat is happy to hear this. Sant also gives his approval for marriage. Virat hugs his father. The episode ends.

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