Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 13 October: Krishna leaves the house?

At the beginning of the episode, Krishna requested Naira and Kartik that she wish to stay with them in this house. Kirti gets a call from the Lawyer about Krish custody, then she gets upset. Dadi was very angry with Krishna and said Swarna that Krishna will not stay here anymore. Swarna tried to make Dadi understand, but it didn’t work. Krishna heard everything secretly and gets upset.

Krishna decides to leave the house, before leaving she made a drawing with the help of chalk which was hinting Krishna’s departure. Naira and Kartik were sitting in their room and were discussing Krishna. Then suddenly Kartik asked Naira about her medicine. Then Naira said that she forget to bring water. Krishna opens the door of the house and exits. Kartik came down to take the water bottle. Suddenly he noticed that drawing and rushed towards the main gate of the house. There Krishna was trying to open the main gate of the house. Then both Naira and Kartik scolded her and said to her that she will not go anywhere.

While dreaming Naira saw her mother in a dream. And she suddenly woke up at the midnight And felt happy to see her mother for so long. Naira predicted that her mother would come in her dream to bless her and the baby. Singhania’s were on the table for breakfast, Krish was insisting all of them to renovate his room. Suddenly Kirti came and acknowledged his wish, and tried to deny, but all the family members agreed to renovate his room as he wants. Krish becomes happy and hugs Naksh. Seeing this Kirti gets a little worried about the custody decision.

Kartik and Nira decide to go downstairs and reveal their decision regarding Krishna. And Manish was eagerly waiting for the baby. Dadi calmed her by saying that, a baby sleeps 16-18 hours per day. At the same. Moment Naira and Kartik came downstairs, and Krishna was also with them. Kartik said to everyone that he has decided to adopt Krishna. All the Goeankas gets a little surprised, and Manish left out from there without saying anything. Kartik went following him and asked him to stop. Then Manish said big decisions like this are always taken by considering everyone’s opinion.

Episode ends……

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