Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 13 October : Roshni suspects Aman

At the beginning of the episode, Aman enters the lava chain and becomes tied up.  Aman does not have a chance to get out of there because he is completely cluttered.  Seeing Aman upset family members are worried and asks for his help from Roshni.  But Roshni is far from helping, she is even happy to see Aman like this as she wanted it.

But after a while, Roshni feels strange due to Aman’s trouble and she frees him.  Aman takes the emerald before the magician takes it and the magician asks him to return, upon which Aman expresses disagreement.  The magician explains to him that doing so may be too heavy on him, on which Aman says that he cannot do anything.

The magician threatens Aman to kill his son.  Aman asks him not to intimidate him because he knows that he is doing all this so that Aman gets into his deception and he runs away with the emerald.  The magician says that if he does not listen to him, he will drop Armaan into the oil.  Aman tells him not to do this and says that he is ready to give him the emerald.  He gives the magician an emerald.

The magician tells him that he was only making a fool of him and he becomes one even when Armaan is not with him.  The magician gives an emerald to Roshni.  Roshni is happy that the magician won this competition.  Aman is unhappy.  Rubina says that no matter how much Aman tries, Roshni will not marry him because he can stop her from becoming Kala Jin and Roshni does not want it.

Still, Aman is determined to bring her Ayana back at any cost.  Aman thinks that no matter how much he tries, he will not win like this.  He thinks of other tricks.  He goes to the groom’s room and the thinks of exchanging the groom.  But when Daadi moves to stop the marriage and starts falling with Armaan, Roshni is suspicious to see Aman’s tensed face and tries to remove his sehra.  Episode ended.

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