Yeh Hain Chahtein 13 October : Rudrakash ruins Preesha’s life

At the beginning of the episode, Rudrakash was misbehaving with Preesha, and clicked her few pictures and made fun of her tears. Then Rudrakash dragged Preesha out of the room and taunted that he will not make his hands dirty by touching her anymore. Then Rudrakash shuts the door of the room. The next morning Preesha was grooming Saransh for his online classes, suddenly Saransh noticed red marks on Preesha’s hand and started asking her about that. Preesha tried to hide it from Saransh but couldn’t. Then Saransh brought a first aid kit and applied on Preesha’s wrist. Rudrakash was peeping from the door and was feeling the guilt as he did with Preesha.

Neerja was searching for the keys and suddenly Rahul entered the room and saw Neerja searching something in his robe. Then he got the confirmation that Yuvraj words. Were worthy enough. Preesha called Neerja and asked her about the iPad, but Neerja replied that Rahul has changed the location of the keys, so she will call a lock Smith when Rahul will go outside.

Preesha gets a text message that her hospital Committee has finished their investigation from their end, And today they will give a clear note on her suspension. Immediately Preesha went to the hospital and there she meets with the nurse, while she was talking with her peon came and said them to get inside the meeting room. In the meeting room panel gave a clean chit to Preesha and the nurse was found guilty for all the incidents. Suddenly Rudrakash entered the meeting room seeing him Preesha gets a little confused. Then Rudrakash misguided the panel with his kind words and blamed Preesha for the incident and the nurse also blamed Preesha for giving the wrong medicine to Neerja.

Board members of the hospital then decided to suspend Preesha from the hospital and also canceled her medical license. Preesha stood stunned and started crying. Rudrakash stared at him angrily and went off. Outside the hospital in front of Preesha Rudrakash handed over the bag full of money to the nurse for putting all the blames on Preesha. Then Rudrakash said Preesha that she will feel the same pain now which he was suffering from and went off.

Episode end…..

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