Qurbaan Hua 14 October : Neel has a nightmare

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat was praying to God in her room. And speaking to herself Chahat said that today she will surely find out the real culprit behind Sarwawati’s demise. She will clear out all the fake allegations on her father. Wind-chain made a noise through which Chahat becomes more confident. Godhambhari called out Chahat from the downstairs, then immediately Chahat went off.

Neel was having a nightmare in which Chahat fell down from the stairs, and someone is trying to kill Chahat. Suddenly Neel woke up and started searching for Chahat in the house. Neel noticed all the family members were sitting in the hall and planning for Naveli’s ring ceremony. At the same time, Chahat came down through the stairs. Chahat gave an assurance that she will do all the decorating part of the house. Chahat picked up all the fairy lights and went to start the decoration. Neel notices that the present happening is very similar to his nightmare.

Neel was about to go and alert Chahat, but Jamunaparshad stopped him and asked him to make a list of the things which will be required for tomorrow’s occasion. Neel immediately created a list and went to Chahat. Neel notices that Chahat was standing on a wooden stool, similar to his nightmare. Neel gets panicked and tried to stop Chahat, but Chahat acted of getting a current shock and fooled Neel. Then Neel was about to tell Chahat about his nightmare, but Godhambhari interrupted and said Chahat that Vyas Ji is calling her. Then Chahat went to Vyas Ji.

Godhambhari was sitting in Naveli’s room and thinking that why Naveli is not making any objections. Then Naveli said that she is very happy with this marriage and sometimes she has a doubt on Parmukh. So she decided to marry Avinash as he is a big businessman. Godhambhari was a little confused about this gesture. Suddenly Gazala entered the room and started supporting Naveli’s decisions, but Godhambhari interrupted and said her to clean the house properly and don’t interrupt in such matters.

Jamunaparshad was carrying the flower boxes and moving towards the stairs. Chahat noticed and requested Jamunaparshad to give her all the boxes, as she will decorate the home. Neel from the other side noticed that all things were related to his nightmare. Neel rushed and grasped Chahat and saved her from falling down. Then Neel forced Chahat to come with him in the room. Then Neel acknowledged her about his nightmare to which Chahat stated laughing. Vyas ji called Neel to come downstairs. Before leaving, Chahat asked Neel in a romantic way that why she is coming in her dreams. Neel left speechless.

Episode ends…….

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