Qurbaan Hua 11 February 2021 Written Update – Vyas Ji got arrested!

At the beginning of the episode, Neel was confused to see them celebrating. Alka performed a dance in front of everyone. Neel was thinking that now I had to find Chahat, so he left from there. Alekh told Narpath that Neel likes your daughter and he is ready for the marriage.

Neel was trying to call Chahat, but her phone was unreachable. Neel was feeling irritated, so he threw a stone, which accidentally hit the honeycomb. In few minutes Neel was surrounded by bees, suddenly Chahat appeared and tried to save Neel by covering him with her scarf. Alka saw them and thought that Chahat is in trouble, so she put dry leaves on fire.

Neel brought Chahat in a room. Chahat was thinking that I shouted at Neel too much, so he seems to be sad. Chahat was asking Neel about the gift, which she left for him, Neel misunderstood that Chahat is talking about the divorce papers. Neel saw honey bee bites on Chahat’s hand and went to bring Medicine for her. Alka came to Chahat to invite her for marriage and gifted her a costume. Neel came back, but he was unable to see Alka as there was dark around them.

Neel was about to leave, but Chahat told Neel to stay here for today. Chahat gave a surprise to Neel by performing a dance wearing that costume which Alka gifted her. Alekh acknowledged Godhambhari that Neel signed those papers and now he had to marry that girl or else they would put the gun on his head and made him marry that girl.

The next day Neel woke up and thought that why village peoples were celebrating so much as I only came to sign on the papers. Neel called Alekh to ask him, but he lied that Gazala had come with police to arrest Vyas Ji. Alekh thought that we have to call Gazala with the police. Neel left from there as soon as he heard that police came to arrest Vyas Ji. Gazala came with police to arrest Vyas Ji for kidnaping Chahat. Alekh was trying to stop them, But Vyas Ji himself went with them by telling us as we all know that we haven’t done anything. Neel came back home, and Godhambhari informed Neel about Vyas Ji’s arrest.

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