Qurbaan Hua 13 February 2021 Written Update – Trouble for Alekh!

At the beginning of the episode, Gazala came and congratulated Alekh as their plant was getting executed. Chahat was requesting them to stop the marriage rituals. Alka thought I would not stay happy after snatching Neel from Chahat. Alka saw Alekh’s hand and recalled that he was the person who promised my father for the marriage.

Alka stood and told everyone that Alekh is the one who promised for marrying me. Alekh told Alka not to speak nonsense. Chahat came forward and said, Alekh I think you are trying to trap Neel. Villagers started forcing Alekh to marry Alka. Jamunaprashad came and asked them what’s going on? Jamunaprashad dragged Godhambhari inside the house and said I know you both have planned to trap Neel and separate Neel from Chahat. Jamunaprashad locked Godhambhari inside the room. Chahat told them not to let them marry as Alekh would not keep her happy.

Chahat got to know that Alka is not below 18, so her marriage is not legal. Godhambhari called the police to stop the marriage. Villagers said now Alka would be used as a prostitute as her marriage rituals couldn’t get completed. Vyas Ji said after Alka would become an adult she would marry Alekh as he had promised his father.

Afterward, Alka thanked Chahat for taking a stand for her. Alekh came to Chahat and said now, I would not leave you in peace for trapping me in this relationship with her. Alka came inside the house and was amazed to see such a big house. Godhambhari was angry with Alekh as he promised to marry Naveli, but now he would marry Alka. Alekh told her not to worry as he would find any solution. Godhambhari thought now I had to do any arrangements of throwing her out of the house.

Alka was jumping on the sofa, Suddenly Godhambhari came and scolded her, but Alka started laughing and spinning her by holding her hand. Godhambhari pointed towards the water and told Alka to pour oil in the “Akhand Jyot”, but Chahta guided her correctly as she saw her from the window. Chahat thought I would save Alka from Godhambhari and Alek’s mischievous plans.

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