Qurbaan Hua 12 February 2021 Written Update – Will Neel marry Alka?

At the beginning of the episode, Neel came back home and Godhambhari informed him about Vyas Ji’s arrest. Neel angrily went from there on his bike. Chahat was helping Alka forgetting about the marriage. Narpath was waiting for Parmukh and Neel. Narpath called Parmukh, but he declined his call. Narpath doubted that they took my land papers, and they would not come for the marriage rituals. Villagers started talking about this suddenly Narpath felt pain in his chest and fell.

Narpath before dying requested Chahat to give him a promise that she would deliver justice to her daughter. Neel got confirmed that Gazala created all the misunderstanding between me and Chahat. Chahat said I would bring that boy, and make him marry to Alka. Chahat got to know that Neel is the person who promised marriage. All the villagers started forcing Chahat to do something for Alka.

Neel came back home with Vyas Ji. Suddenly Police came with Gazala and Neel said no one had arrested Chahat as she is in a village, where Gazala sent her for the vaccination camp. Neel revealed that Gazala is doing all this intentionally because I married her daughter without her approval. Police warned Gazala and went off.

Chahat came with all the villagers to Vyas Ji’s house. Neel got confused to see them. One of the villagers asked Neel that why he didn’t came to marry Alka despite taking his father’s land. Neel asked Alekh that, why all they are telling that I have promised them for the marriage. Alekh acted of not knowing anything. Villagers started forcing them. Chahat shouted at them and said them to be calm down as I am talking to them.

Neel got to know that Chahat didn’t send those divorce papers. Neel blamed Gazala for creating misunderstandings between us. Villager started telling Neel that you have to marry Alka, and Vyas Ji also supported them by approving the marriage. One of the villagers pointed the gun towards Chahat and telling Neel to Marry Alka. Vyas Ji said Alekh would make them marry. Alekh went to bring the stuff for the marriage.

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