Shaadi Mubarak 13 October : Preeti shares her grief with Kusum

At the beginning of the episode, Gopalani tells Preeti that it is better if Preeti not show her face when she is doing the wedding work because she is working with KT and Shaadi Maubarbakhka and not with her ugly face. She tells her that if she still wants to think, then she has an objection and goes away from there. Preeti goes to KT. KT notices that Preeti is worried. He asks her what happened to which Preeti says nothing.

Juhi wants to force Kusum to drink bitter gourd juice. Kusum says she cannot drink it because it is more bitter than her brother. Juhi says Tarun is her brother but she is ashamed to say this as well. Priyanka says that but all this has happened due to Rati. Juhi is shocked wondering why Priyanka is taking Tarun’s side. Kusum tries to slide seeing the opportunity. Juhi asks where is she going without drinking juice. Kusum gets sad and she drinks juice with a sad heart.

Preeti sees her face in Tiffin’s cover and remembers the taunts given to her by the community members because of her black color. KT comes there and compliments his look, this thing bothers Preeti more. She remembers that her mother-in-law always used to ask her to apply some cream and ubtan to make her complexion fair.

Juhi asks Priyanka why she favored Tarun. Priyanka tells her that there is no reason behind this, she took sides on the basis of what she felt was right but she won’t have any soft spot for Tarun. Due to Priyanka guilty sentiment, she starts giving her explanation, but then Juhi stops her and says that she does not need to explain things so much as she was just asking such questions without any strong reason.

Kusum put mehndi on her hands. Preeti comes. Kusum asked her daughter to apply mehendi on her hands. Preeti refuses thinking that her husband did not like mehndi on her black hands. When Kusum sees Preeti so upset, she goes after her and sees that Preeti is removing bright colored sarees from the wardrobe because according to the society these colors are not made for her. Kusum pacifies Preeti and asks what has happened. Preeti tells her everything. Kusum is shocked to hear Preeti’s agony. Episode ended.

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