Barrister babu 13 October : Anirudh’s hard work to get Bondita

At the beginning of the episode, Bondita discovers the slate when she cannot find the slate, wondering what she will answer Anirudh now. That’s when a girl’s crying voice comes to her. Bondita goes to her and asks her why she is crying. The girl tells Bondita that she was separated from her parents and at this place, she is completely new and does not know anyone.

Bondita consoles her and asks her name. She tells her name Sampoorna. Hearing this, Bondita remembers her elder sister Sampoorna and embraces her and calls her sister. Sampoorna also embraces Bondita wholeheartedly and accepts a new relationship. According to Tara Bai, Bondita is very intelligent and clever and for this reason, she wants to bid her as soon as possible during Durga Puja. She gives the man money for good work. Rasiya comes. Tara asks her why she came late. Tara notices that Rasiya has come from zamindar house with empty-handed. She asks her the reason for this.

Rasiya tells that she threw money on their mouth. The twins give Bondita and Sampoorna a gungru and tell them that these are their new jewel. Bondita is happy to see Ghungroo. Anirudh past posters of Bondita on the wall. The policemen prevent him from doing so because the foreign officer is about to go through the same route. Anirudh refuses to remove the poster for any foreign officer.

The policeman gets angry and calls him crazy. Anirudh says that yes he is mad because his wife is lost and he is searching for her like crazy to find her. Tara asks Rasiya what happened that she refused to take the money. Rasiya tells her the whole story. Tara comes to know that Rasiya knows Bondita and she decides to keep Bondita away from her.

Bondita is happy to hear Ghungru’s tinkling and thinks whether this voice can reach to her angry husband. Suraiya tells Bondita that Ghungroo is not a thing to play and she orders Bondita to wear them. Bondita does not listen to her and starts playing with Sampoorna. The police officer removes all the pictures of Bondita. Anirudh is not able to do anything. Distressed Anirudh takes pictures of Bondita with tears. Sometimes his hand falls under someone’s feet, sometimes under the bullock cart but still, he does not stop.

Rasiya hears the laughter of children. She regrets that innocent girls have been caught in a nark like Heera Mandi. Tara comes and says that hell and heaven are a game of eyes. Some girls become daughters-in-law and some are queens. She tells all this a game of luck that she or no one else can improve. Rasiya says that even though she cannot change their luck but she still spoils it. Tara says that she is not God who improves the fortunes of people.

Rasiya says but now she must commit her sins because very soon someone is going to destroy her. Anirudh begs Mother Durga and demands that she has to help him. Tara decides to buy 8 rasguluas handia to get the support of Bondita.

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