Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 14 October: Special day for Kartik and Naira

At the beginning of the episode, Naira was preparing for the baby’s naming ceremony. Kartik was helping her too. Naira warned Kartik not to pick any silly name for the baby. Naira also showed him the pastries which she and Gayu have mutually made for Vansh and Kairav. Kartik said that today we have reached early to the airport as Kairav has wished to see us as soon as he reaches the airport. All the family members one by one were secretly approaching Kirti and requests her to keep the name of the baby of their wish and hand over them a small paper.

Naira founds an old diary in which her mother used to write during her pregnancy time. Suddenly Kartik came with the baby and she was crying very loudly. Then Naira hinted that the baby would be uncomfortable due. To the cloth which Dadi gave her for this occasion. Kartik gets a little angry about this and scolded Naira for. Making such adjustments to the baby, in between Dadi Came to saw the baby in her gifted cloth. Kartik said Dadi that? Naira will. Change the dress as she is feeling uncomfortable, Dadi gets a little upset and taunted Kartik.

Naira and Kartik came downstairs. They were about to leave, but Dadi was having an objection to their airport visit. So finally Naksh was going to the airport to receive Vansh and Kairav. Naira gave Naksh a box of Pastries and said to make him eat as soon as he sits in the car. Before leaving Naksh said Kirti to reveal their divorce decision as soon as possible.

Naira was eagerly waiting for Kairav. So she was less interested in the naming ceremony. Dadi said Naira to pay attention to the ceremony. Then Naira and Kartik were secretly fighting that who will hug Kairav first. Then Kartik and Naira try to convince Kirti to keep the baby’s name of her choice. Kirti denied and said she is having the right to keep the baby’s name. Suddenly Kairav loudly called out Naira. And Naira immediately turned back.

Episode ends…..

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