Yeh Hain Chahtein 14 October :Preesha leaves the house?

At the beginning of the episode, Neerja called a. Locksmith to unlock the dower. Outside the hospital, Preesha was standing and secretly crying. And Rudrakash sitting in his car was feeling guilt for what he has done. He was trying to explain to himself that what he has done its alright, but Rudrakash felt sad for Preesha, he comes out of the car and moved towards Preesha to Calm her down. Suddenly he noticed Rahul was standing near Preesha, and Rudrakash felt what he has done its right. Rahul tries to act innocent in front of Preesha, but Preesha rudely blamed him for everything and went from there.

Lock Smith unlocked the dower and gave the duplicate key to Neerja. After paying him for his work Neerja started searching for the IPad. Then removing a few files she found the iPad and felt happy for Preesha. Ahana went to meet Rahul and Yuvraj and made a deal with them that if they will provide her with that video, then she will use that video to kick out Preesha from the house. Yuvraj agreed to her plant and gave her a pen drive. Neerja was leaving the house, suddenly Rahul entered and asked her where she was going. Somehow Neerja fooled Rahul and went off.

Ahana with the other family members was waiting at the hall area, then Preesha and Rudrakash came downstairs. Ahana was eagerly waiting for them, after everyone gathered Ahana played that video on the big screen. After the video ended Preesha started giving explanations, but Rudrakash was standing still with no reaction. Balraj stood up angrily and said Preesha to pack her bags and leave the house immediately. Swarna tried to calm down Balraj, but he said her to get inside the room.

Neerja called Preesha and said to her that she got the IPad and asked her to come and take that. Then Preesha acknowledged her about the incident which Ahana created, and it’s too late now everything is finished. Then Preesha came down with her backpacks. And suddenly Mr. Ahuja came inside the house with a big contract for Rudrakash, but Balraj was confused as all the songs of Rudrakash are banned. At the same moment, Kirti entered from the opposite side whom Balraj has given the words of signing a music album with Rudrakash. Kirti gave an assurance that she will help them to remove the ban, and in return, she will be with Rudrakash in his concert tour.

Episode ends…..

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