Shaadi Mubarak 14 October : Preeti made excuses not to attend the meeting

At the beginning of the week, Preeti shares with Kusum how Gopalani insults her, for which Kusum also gets angry.  She says that she didn’t punish Gopalani for such rude behavior.  She understands Preeti’s pain and says that the deep color is given by God, which is a normal thing.  Preeti says that but there is no doubt in it that every time her color comes in between her work and creates a barrier.

KT’s phone comes to Preeti, he tells her about the meeting with Gopalani and asks that Golpani has said that Preeti will share something with him, so what is the matter?  Preeti says that there is nothing special.  Preeti shows her excitement about her first project to KT and he too is excited about it.  Kusum asks does KT knows about Gopalani’s condition.  Preeti says no and says that she does not want to trouble KT just because of her, then it would be good if KT does not know anything and she takes prom from Kusum not to tell KT anything.  Kusum says okay.

The next day KT tells Preeti that Gopalani likes their work, knowing that Preeti is happy.  KT is about to hug her, Preeti is taken aback.  KT asks for her forgiveness.  Both spend a good time. They even Sing a song.  Both celebrate their happiness for completing the first task.  KT indicates to Preeti that Gopalani wants a big engagement function and has also asked for some samples.  Chanda rebuffs Rati as Preeti gets a big project.  Rati tells Tarun everything and asks him to use Priyanka to spoil Preeti’s work.

Tarun again asks Priyanka for help but this time Priyanka denies this and refuses to do this work.  KT sees Preeti making a card with her hands and accidentally sparkles falls on Preeti from KT.   KT laughs at her.  The two throw sparkles at each other and shares good moments.  Further, KT indicates to Preeti that they have a meeting with Gopalani at 5 in the evening.  Preeti remembers the condition of Gopalani and pour color on her and pretends that she cannot go in such a situation. KT organizes another costume for her.  Preeti gets worried and thinks about what excuse she will make now.

Precap: Preeti says that her throat is in bad condition so she can’t attend the meeting.

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