Shakti 14 October : Mahi fights with housemates for Heer’s marriage

Parmeet says that they should go to Heer’s house and ask for her hand to carry on with the duo’s relationship. Virat refuses as he has decided that he will marry Heer with Preeto’s will and Preeto is not yet ready for this marriage. Sant says that if this is the case then they can escape Heer from her house. Virat says this is a bad decision. Mahi tells Preeto that they should get Heer married. Preeto refuses. She says that a eunuch lives an incomplete life and at least Heer is living in her house as a full sister and full daughter. But if she gets her married, then she too will remain like Soumya as an incomplete wife and daughter-in-law which she does not want.

Mahi says that even though Soumya was a eunuch but despite being an incomplete woman, she got all the love of Harman and she wants the same for Heer. Preeto says that what will happen to Heer is what she wants, not what Mahi wishes. Preeto says what would happen if Virat’s family members killed her after learning about her truth. Mahi says this will be her fate. Preeto warns her that only she will take Heer’s decision and no one else. Preeto leaves. Mahi tells Harak, Ravi, and others to at least think about this thing. Virat thinks how to coax Preeto. Parmeet brings Sup to Virat and looks at Virat and finds that he is worried to ask she asks what he is thinking. Parmeet asks if he is thinking about how he should convince Heer’s family.

Parmeet asks but she does not understand why they do not want him to get married to Heer. Virat says that he is also thinking the same. Mahi tells Heer that she is ready for this marriage and very soon everyone will agree. Heer is happy to hear this and vows that she too will not marry without their wish. Mahi smiles upon seeing her and dresses her up like a bride. In the morning, Preeto asks Rohan to shut the door. Heer says that no doors can stop Virat. After a while, Virat arrives and asks to open the doors. But no one opens. Virat decides to come through the window. Mahi sees him coming in through the window. She tells him that thieves come through the window and if he has courage, then he comes through the door. And it her promise that after that she will welcome him like a son-in-law.

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