Anupamma 14 October : Paritosh faced bitter truth

At the beginning of the episode, Kavya doesn’t want Devika to see her so she hides.  Everyone dances and Paritosh shoot their video.  Nandni thinks that she should tell Paritosh the truth of Kavya and Vanraj so she asks him to come with her. Paritosh asks what thing she wants to tell him.  Nandni hesitates to tell him the truth.  Paritosh says that she should quickly tell what she wants to say.  Nandni states that Vanraj and Kavya are cheating Anupama and are about to get married soon.  Parishosh does not believe it.

Nandani asks him to walk to the temple with her and see the registration letter.  Paritosh goes with her.  Samar thinks where both of them are going.  But later he shows Mangalasutra found in Vanraj’s car and tells that Vanraj brought it for Anupma. Kavya and Vanraj get shocked.  Apanuma is happy.  Kavya blames Anupama for snatching her thing.  Paritosh and Nandani reach to the temple.  He is shocked to see Vanraj and Kavya’s wedding naming there.  Nandni asks him to tell this truth to Anupama as soon as possible.  Paritosh is still puzzled and is unable to understand anything.

Kavya notices that Nandni is missing she is about to go to find her but Anupama stops her and takes pictures with her. After some time Nandni and Paritosh come.  Sanjay and Kinjal notice that Paritosh is upset.  Kinjal asks the reason for this.  Paritosh says nothing.  Sanjay takes him alone.  Paritosh tells him about Vanraj and Kavya.  Sanjay says he knows about it.  Paritosh gets shocked.  Samar comes and asks what they are talking about.  Sanjay tells him nothing.  Samar guesses that he hopes that it is not related to Anupama’s happiness.  Further, Paritosh feels disgusted with Kavya.  Kavya still does not feel ashamed for her evil act.  Paritosh says she cannot marry someone without divorce, it is illegal.  Kavya says but who is going to complain about their illegal action.

Precap: Kavya tells Vanraj that Paritosh comes to know their truth.

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