Yeh Jadu Hai Jinn Ka 14 October : Aman’s plan defeated Roshni

At the beginning of the episode, Roshni asks to start the wedding. Daadi tries to stop them but is about to fall with Armaan. When Aman sees this, he gets worried. Roshni does not understand why he is worried and asks why he is worried about the child. who is he? She takes his sehra and gets angry after finding Aman in the groom’s dress. She asks where is the magician if he is here.

Then the magician comes there and expresses his disappointment at Aman for doing such an act. Aman says that he started cheating earlier. The magician is angry. Aman and the magician start fighting. Roshni stops them. She orders to start the wedding and also ties Aman’s arms and legs.Further, Roshni and the magician’s marriage ceremony begins. Both of them accept each other as husband and wife and the marriage is complete. Aman’s eyes are moist because he could not do anything to stop the marriage and just standing and saw Roshni’s marriage in front of his eyes with someone else.

Bona jin tells Rehan and Natasha that the Tonic bottle is with him but Natasha has to kiss him to get the bottle. Natasha i.e. Rehan gets angry on hearing this and he makes Bona jin unconscious again. Roshni liberates Aman after marriage. Aman brings the shocking truth to her and tells her that she is married to Aman, not to the magician because he had disguised himself as the magician.

Aman tells how Armaan put this idea in his mind and he implemented it. Roshni does not digest this and takes the form of an angry black jin. But for some reason, the black powers go away from the head of Roshni and she again comes in the old form of Roshni. Rubina informs everyone that Roshni is no longer black jin and has become their old Ayana means Roshni is back. And now Roshni and Aman will not have any other difficulty in their life and they can live life smoothly.

Next, the pages of Ilmejin change which tells everyone that there is no more black jin left. Rubina is very happy and thinks that no one can stop her now. Episode end.

Precap: Another woman brings trouble in Roshni and Aman’s life.

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