Qurbaan Hua 15 October : Will the truth reveal behind Sarwawati’s death?

At the beginning of the episode, Chahat noticed it was 12 at the clock, and leaves to catch the real culprit. Naveli thanks Gazala for her support and Gazala provoked Naveli by saying if someone tries to stop, then just kill them and remove them from your path. Naveli carries a big sharp knife with her in the bag. Vyas Ji handed a gold chain and a coin to Neel for giving it to Naveli’s husband as a gift. Vyas Ji also said him to tell Jamunaparshad that all the expenses of the marriage will be beard by us.

Naveli took her bag and went to the back door and tried to open it, but from another side, Chahat locks the door. Vyas Ji stopped Neel and gave him a gift, and said him to unbox it. After unboxing Neel gets emotional and tightly hugs Vyas Ji. Speaking in his mind Vyas Ji thanked and prayed for Chahat as it was her idea. Then Vyas Ji also grasped Neel tightly and got emotional.

Neel becomes very happy and decided to show Chahat also. He immediately went to his room and found Chahat’s Wind-chain was lying down, and then he noticed the time and relates his nightmare to the present situation and predicted Chahat would be in danger. Chahat went near the well and hid her face and stood there. Gazala saw the clock and wondered how come Naveli didn’t escape yet. Gazala went to her room and noticed the gate was locked from the outside, then she opened the door and saw Naveli was standing there. Then Gazala blamed Chahat for locking the door from outside.

Pramukh came near the well and covered Chahat with a blanket and grasped her neck tightly in the intention to kill her. Chahat tried left and right to get out, suddenly Neel came from back and smashed a wooden rod on his head, and Pramukh fainted down. Neel calmed Chahat and landed her down carefully. Then Pramukh regains his consciousness but seeing Chahat and Neel he remained free. Chahat acknowledged Neel about everything then Neel slowly moved towards Pramukh to see his face, and slowly he turned him and gets shocked. Then Parmukh acted and fooled them by saying that he came here to prevent Naveli from escaping.

Then Neel Made a video call to Naveli and checked everything was alright. And said Chahat to stop blaming Naveli every time, then Chahat said that Naveli is lying. She itself heard Naveli saying that her boyfriend didn’t come on time that she will reveal the secret of  Mahashivratri’s night. Pramukh gets a little shocked after listening to this.

Episode ends……..

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