Shakti 15 October : Harak gets emotional after hearing Harman’s name

At the beginning of the episode, no one opens the door for Virat, about which Heer is very sad. She tells Virat that now it is difficult for her to wait. Virat tells her that after a few days they will be together and the core door will not come between them. Heer sits near the door. Preeto scolds her. Mahi consoles and embraces Heer.

Next, Virat makes a noise that once Harman had fought for Soumya in this way and today he will also make its second part. People say but Harman had climbed the tank and he is standing on the ground. Virat says that because he is about to do the Ansan which he will open only when he will get water from Heer’s house. Preeto calls Parmeet and tells about Virat’s antics. Parmeet says she cannot do anything about it because it is her son’s wish. Harak tells Sant that he wants to register an FIR against Virat. Sant says he must have it done, he has no problem. Sant is upset with Hark’s strange behavior.

Virat pretends to be unconscious. Neighbors take him to Heer’s house. Heer gives water to Virat. Preeto says Virat’s drama is not going to work in front of him. Parmeet comes there. She says that Virat has won the hearts of neighbors and will soon win them too. She takes Virat from there.

Virat tells Sant that he wants to kidnap Harak. Sant asks why. Virat says that he will first win the heart of Harak and then target the rest of the people. Sant agrees with his view. At night the police come to Harak’s house and he asks Harak to go with him. Harak wishes to know the reason for this. He tells that to bring the theft charge to Virat, then the boy wants to return the same stuff. Harak agrees to walk alone with them.

After a while, Harak reaches Virat and asks why he called him. Virat says so that he can share a few moments and talk about Harman. Harak gets emotional on hearing Harman’s name. Virat asks Hark to share Jam in Harman’s name. Episode ended.

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